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    The WOOSE Aircraft Complaint System has been deactivated. However, it is important to continue submitting complaints so accurate data can be gathered concerning the problems aircraft are causing in our neighborhoods and communities.

    Making Complaints to OSU

    We encourage everyone to now submit their complaints to the OSU system. Complaints can be submitted to OSU in three ways:
    1. (Recommended) Via email to noise@osuairport.org. Please also cc WOOSE at noise@woose.org.
    2. By phone at 614-292-9055.
    3. Via WebScene to visually track aircraft (in time delay) and submit a complaint http://www.webscene.info/WebScene/KOSU/console.html.
    More information is available at the OSU Airport Website under OSU Noise Management.

    Recommended Reading

    Why did you shut down the WOOSE system?

    The reason WOOSE has shut down their complaint system is two-fold:
    1. OSU has their own complaint procedures in place, and from an analysis perspective it does not make sense to have two, separate complaint systems.
    2. Despite published reports in the past that OSU would respond to complaints from the WOOSE system, OSU has since decided not to respond to such complaints because they can not be "trusted."

    Thank You!

    WOOSE thanks all of you for taking your time and making the effort to observe, record and report problematic aircraft in your neighborhood and community. We know how much time it takes and we greatly appreciate your contribution.

    The data you provided has been extremely valuable in identifying problematic aircraft operations, finding patterns and trends among complaints and aircraft operations and in some instances the cause of the unacceptable levels of noise and other problems over our neighborhoods and communities. Your continued complaints for events that have truly bother you will help us -- and the airport -- to continue in this effort.

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