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  • Anonymous Complaints

    Be advised that all information you submit to OSU becomes a matter of public record and is available to anyone who asks. Residents have reported instances in which airport staff members have used personal information obtained from complaints filed with the OSU Complaint system for uses other than addressing the complaints. It is possible to submit complaints anonymously to OSU and you may receive a response. To do so:

    1. Create a free email account from a service such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, or hotmail.com.
    2. Submit complaints by using an address or cross street near your own as the complaint site. Proximity is important for OSU to provide correct information about altitude and proximity of aircraft flight track to complaint location.
    3. OSU, if they choose, can respond by email, can ask any necessary follow-up questions, or provide any information about the airport or its operations they wish.

    Based on past statements by OSU, we believe it is very unlikely that anonymous complaints will be seriously analyzed and as a result you may never receive a reply from airport staff Therefore, we encourage you to submit your complaints non-anonymously.

    We understand some residents are uncomfortable providing personal identifiers. Rather than not submit complaints, please do what is most comfortable for you to ensure your observations and experiences are documented and used to better understand current as well as future noise impacts..

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