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  • Complaints to the FAA

    In extreme and rare circumstance, it may be warranted to submit a complaint to the FAA's Flight Standard's District Office for review. OSU has refused to take this role, so the burden falls on you.

    This should only be done for flights that you believe are truly dangerous or outside of FAA procedures. OSU should be able to provide you with information on what the FAA standards for acceptable altitudes for flights over your location are.

    To make a complaint:

    1. Prepare a letter to explaining the concern and describe the operation (time, date, type of aircraft, etc).
    2. Attach support documents, including:
      1. Information received from OSU concerning your complaint.
      2. Print-outs of AirScene or WebScene flight track, altitude, and time.
      3. The N-number of the aircraft, if available.
      4. Any correspondances which were sent by OSU to the aircraft owner or pilot. These may be obtained from OSU via a public records request.
    3. Complaints are time sensitive, so send your complaints as soon as possible to:

      Flight Standard District Office
      Port Columbus International
      2780 Airport Dr., Suite 300
      Columbus, OH 43219

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