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  • Recommended, but Optional, Complaint Procedures

    In all cases, we recommend you document your complaint and the associated reply. To do this takes time. We know that and we do not like it any more than you!
    1. Submit complaints in a form that creates a record of your complaint. Right now email (noise@osuairport.org) seems to be the easiest and fastest method.
    2. Request a response in writing or email to continue documentation of your complaint.
    3. If you do not receive a response in writing, please document that and ask again. Or if OSU refuses to provide a response in writing (as they have in the past) agree to accept a phone call and then follow-up with an email or letter to OSU summarizing your understanding of the conversation.
    4. Send copies of your complaint and correspondances to us at noise@woose.org so we can track and verify OSU's performance and accuracy.
    If this is too much work for you, submit the complaint and accept the response by whatever method works for you. It is better to have the complaint on record so that accurate data can be obtained rather than to not have the complaint at all.

    Why these steps?

    These steps are important to provide a verifiable trail of what happened with your complaint.

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