MedFlight Bases Noisy Stage 2 Aircraft at OSU, June 2006

This is a major step backwards for OSU who claims to be working to reduce noise impacts on the community. Before Thursday, there were no Stage 2 aircraft based at the airport. Now we are burdened with an extraordinarily loud aircraft based here for the next two weeks.

To put things into perspective, the graphic at right shows the noise footprint of the Beech King Air, the aircraft that MedFlight was using before, with the Lear Jet 25, the aircraft they now use. The 80 decibels noise footprint extends less than three miles from the runway for the King Air, yet extends over 15 miles for the Lear 25!

Even more troubling is the continued false-hoods that come from OSU surrounding the airport. This is not the first time airport staff have not told the truth about their competition at Port Columbus.

In late 2004, Airport Director Doug Hammon reported Port Columbus is "taking active measures to remove the general aviation traffic from Port Columbus and Rickenbaker." However, in a May 19, 2005 letter, Elaine Roberts, President and CEO of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority states that Hammon's "statement is incorrect."

In either case, whether the people involved told these mis-truths intentionally or not is inconsequential. If the airport is going to make disparaging remarks about their competition, it is their duty to ensure their facts are accurate.

The University claims that it is not trying to attract corporate traffic. However, we see them make statements such as the above which could potentially harm their competition at Port Columbus by suggesting they can not provide services that they can. In addition, we find yet another airport advertisement in the June edition of Columbus C.E.O. magazine directed towards corporate users.

In the words of Worthington City Council Member Lou Briggs after Mr. Whitlock's June 5th report, "This is exactly what makes people distrust." Over the past few months OSU has demonstrated to the community that we have every reason to distrust them, and we will continue in our distrust until the false-hoods end.

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