SAFECON to return to OSU in Fall 2006 and Spring 2007, June 2006

The airport promises to be a good neighbor, the Dean promises to aggressively address airport noise issues and now the "event organizers" promise SAFECON will return to OSU Airport this fall and next spring.

The OSU Airport hosted SAFECON, an intercollegiate flying competition that significantly increased operations by 15,000 events from May 1-14, 2006. The SAFECON DAILY reported "OSU TRAFFIC UP 5X" stating "...daily traffic was averaging between 1200-2000 operations with maximum traffic peaking at approximately 200 operations per hour."

This increase in air traffic and associated aircraft noise was of great concern for area residents. As a result of that concern, WOOSE representatives brought questions about SAFECON before the joint meeting of the OSU Airport Noise Committee and Advisory Board on May 11, 2006.

During the meeting Doug Hammon's letter to the editor in the local SNP paper (5/10/06 edition) was discussed. Mr. Hammon was thanked for announcing the event, which he called the Rose Bowl of collegiate aviation competition. All agreed earlier prior notification of the event would help area residents understand and anticipate the increase in air traffic, noise, and power off landings.

When asked why this event was scheduled at OSU Airport, university representatives indicated the event was a great educational and networking opportunity for student aviators, "the pilots of the future". Neither Bud Baeslack, Dean of the College of Engineering, nor Doug Hammon, the airport director, knew how OSU was selected as the host site or who made that decision.

It was agreed the event increase air traffic and noise over residential neighborhoods. Dean Baeslack indicated the event would not be returning to OSU airport anytime soon.

The June 2006 edition of the OSU Airport Newsletter provides and overview of the SAFECON event and announces it will be returning very soon. The final paragraph on page 5 states "The success of this latest SAFECON event at OSU has prompted the event organizers to plan for the fall regionals to be conducted here, in addition to nationals again next spring."

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