Air Cargo at OSU's Airport, July 2006

An aircraft owned by Ameristar Jet Charter landed at the OSU airport at 10:51 PM on July 13th, 2006 and departed at 11:17 PM.

Ameristar's moto is "Any Cargo. Anytime. Anywhere." The aircraft that they brought in was a Lear Jet 24, a Stage 2 aircraft which is among the loudest types of aircraft allowed to fly today.

WOOSE believes LabCorp's nightly flights into and out of OSU may also constitute air cargo.

Because OSU has taken federal money to maintain their airport, they are not allowed to impose restrictions on any aircraft that can "safely" fly into the airport. If an air cargo company decided to make Don Scott Field a regular night-time stop, they could do this now and they could not be stopped. Further, the air traffic control tower at Don Scott is closed between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM.

More troubling than the noise, however, is the safety record of the air cargo industry. The Miami Herald recently completed part three of a 9 month investigation into the air cargo industry. Ameristar specifically was mentioned for two fatal crashes since 2001.

The following are some excerpts for the Miami Herald articles:

What can I do?

Because of the way current federal regulations have been designed, there is very little you can do. However, we encourage everyone concerned about this issue to take the following steps. Every single letter has a large impact. A list of the officials named above and their addresses are available on our who to write page.

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