November 8, 2011

Sharon Township Trustee Election

Questions concerning OSU Airport noise impacts

and proposed airport expansion

4 candidates seek your vote


1 Sharon Township Trustee position

To assist voters in understanding candidates' position on OSU airport noise, proposed additional hangars and an extension of the North runway, WOOSE submitted questions to the candidates.

Question #1: Please identify what impact positive /negative you believe the OSU Airport and its aircraft operations have on Sharon Township and its residents.

Question #2: What impacts do you believe the proposed addition of hangars for 50 aircraft, development of the North side of the airport and the extension of the North Runway at the OSU Airport will have on Sharon Township and its residents?

Question #3: How should these impacts be addressed by Sharon Township? What should be Sharon Township's role regarding the addition of hangars, the development of the North side of the airport, the extension of the North Runway, and the ongoing impacts of aircraft noise on residents of Sharon Township?

Question #4: As a Sharon Township Trustee, what do you see as YOUR role regarding the above?

Question #5: Do you believe there is a need for an expanded Corporate Jet Center at OSU Airport? Why or why not? And what impact would an expanded Corporate Jet Center at OSU have on the airports operated by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (Port Columbus, Rickenbacker and Bolton Field)?

Question #6: Do you support the retention of special counsel to represent Sharon Township in future OSU Airport meetings and to provide expert advice to the Township?

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