These pages contain original source documents related to Don Scott airport, as well as records obtained through Federal and State public records laws. Any of these documents could be obtained by any person making the proper requests. Since they are public documents, there are no restrictions on their distribution.

We requested these documents in order to learn more about the airport expansion process. We are providing these documents to the public for the same reason: so you may educate yourself.

We ask that readers take care while reviewing these documents. Naturally, WOOSE disagrees with many of the assertions within made by OSU and feels much of the information discussed as fact is in error. We hope to further analyze and report upon the contents in the coming weeks and months to help further support our claim that expansion of the OSU airport is inappropriate.

There are four ways to review these documents!

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Topical Index
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To view the old document archive go here.

Some of these items have large file sizes. Email info@woose.org to request a CD copy of this data.

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