Environmental Impact Study

OSU is currently conducting an "Environmental Assessment" (EA). This is a relatively small scale study, usually used in situations where there will clearly be no or little impact, such as expanding an airport in a remote area.

An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is a complete study that addresses all of the potential impacts that changes at an airport may have on a surrounding community.

Why do an EIS?

Who else thinks OSU should perform more study?

Why didn't OSU perform an EIS to begin with?

Of course we do not know the answer, but we can make reasonable speculations.

It comes down to money. A full EIS takes two or more years. Each year that expansion is delayed, neighboring airports have more opportunity to gain a larger share of the lucrative corporate jet travel business. Performing only the EA is a shortcut to government compliance and a quick dollar.

Looking at the facts, the only reasonable explanation for expanding the airport is to attract corporate business. There may be demand, but it is not within the mission of an academic institution to cater to the needs of the business community.

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