Frequently Asked Questions about OSU Airport Expansion

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When did OSU last host SAFECON at the airport?
The Ohio State University Airport announced it will host The National Intercollegiate Flying
Association (NIFA) Safety and Flight Conference (SAFECON) May 16-21, 2011.
(more info)

How will airport expansion affect property values?
There is little doubt that an expanded airport will bring additional noise. The exact affect of more noise is unknown, but research unequivocally shows that

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I thought that OSU Airport was an educational facility? What is the airport's real mission?
Don Scott Field's stated mission is for education and teaching. However, the expansion is geared to
increase revenue generated by the airport, specifically corporate business. (more info)

Why are they calling it a "Corporate Gateway?"
In the February 2004 issue of Columbus CEO, OSU Airport was advertised as "Central Ohio's
Corporate Gateway" offering Business Services, Car Rental, Air Charter, FAA Certified Repair
Station and Professional Line Service. (more info)

The North Runway will be increased in length? It is planned to be how much longer?
The current North Runway is 3,000 ft. long. The proposed expansion will lengthen the North Runway to
a 6,000 ft. (more info)

How many homes are currently around the OSU Airport?
There are *7,688 parcels zoned for living within a 2-mile radius of the airport. These include
residential parcels, condominiums, multi-residential, apartments and nursing homes within a 2-mile
radius of the airport building on West Case Road. (more info)

How will airport expansion affect me?
Increased noise, decreased property values, and increased pollution for those in or near the flight
path. (more info)

Why is the expansion needed?
The Airport states "the proposed runway extension ... is being recommended to provide a viable facilty to serve the existing and future users of the Airport." The implication is that the expansion is necessary to serve the growing demand for the airport. (more info)

What is the economic impact of the Airport to the surrounding communities?
The Airport estimates to contribute roughly $65 million to the economy, but the real figure is
likely 80% less. (more info)

If we stop the expansion, will the airport cease to exist?
This simple answer is "No." (more info)

What about the other airports in the area?
There are three airports in Columbus and a fourth in Delaware All can be reached by car within 20
minutes or less from Don Scott Field. All 3 Columbus Airports are closer to freeway interchanges
and interstates and are prepared to support corporate aircraft today. (more info)

Will a longer runway bring aircraft closer and lower to our homes?
As a safety precaution, pilots try to land at the very beginning of a runway leaving plenty of
runway ahead for stopping. The North Runway will be extended 1800 feet to the west (towards Sawmill
Rd.) and 1200 feet to the east. (more info)

How will an expanded airport affect West Case Road?
Airport adminstrators show concern about West Case Road, but do not consider the needs of local
residents. Further, safety concerns have been raised about West Case. (more info)

How will expansion of the airport affect local road usage.
The airport has admitted that increased airport usuage will put a burden on already busy local
roadways, yet local tax-payers will be forced to bear the costs of any improvements to these roads. (more info)

What are some of the sensitive sites located under the proposed flight paths if the airport runway is expanded?
There are many sensitive sites that are under the OSU airport flight path affecting thousands of
people daily. (more info)

Is is true OSU Airport's expansion proposal will direct jets over properties listed on the National Register of Historic Properties?
Yes, there are dozens of buildings and sites which are already listed on the National Register of
Historic Buildings, and many more which are likely eligible for official designation. These are all
under the aircrafts' "footprint." (more info)

Where does the new flight path go?
Both the existing and new flight path put flights over much of Dublin, Worthington and surrounding areas. See this map.

When did OSU Airport open and why is it named Don Scott?
It opened in 1942. Don Scott was an Army pilot and OSU All-American killed in service. (more info)

When was OSU Airport opened for general (public) aviation use?
In 1959 the Airport accepted a federal grand which opened the Airport to public use. (more info)

Are neighbor concerns about OSU Airport something new?
No During the 1970's a commercial shuttle ran between OSU and Cleveland. Neighbors were concerned
with aircraft noise, aircraft size and airport use for commerical services. (more info)

I heard a commercial passenger jet once landed at OSU Airport. Is that true?
Yes a TWA Boeing 707. (more info)

I heard OSU Airport once housed 2 panda bears. Is that true?
Yes in 1992. (more info)

Corporate business is what percentage of OSU Airport's income?
80% of OSU Airport's income comes from corporate traffic in and out of the airport. (more info)

Are improvements planned for Godown Rd?
Godown Road a winding country road and forms the east border of the Airport.No improvments are
planned for Godown Rd. at this time. Future improvements are tied to the widening of 161. (more info)

Has Ohio State University encouraged community input concerning Don Scott Airport's growing noise issue?
No, Ohio State has a long history of ignoring community concerns. (more info)

How many additional hangars are planned as part of OSU airport's transformation into a corporate jet gateway?
Currently 50 new hangars are planned along the south runway. (more info)

Doesn't Worthington have a new park planned near the airport? How much did it cost, and will it be affected by the expansion?
Yes, the parkland cost the city between $350,000 and 550,000. Yes, the expansion will push the
airport's restricted area into our parkland. (more info)

How many helicoptors fly near Don Scott each day? Are they based at Don Scott?
still no answer

Is it too late to report Noise Complaints?
Go to: www.woose.org to register Noise Complaints. (more info)

Why hasn't Worthington City Council publicly opposed airport expansion, or worked alongside WOOSE to combat the threats to our peace and safety?
Council is still fact-finding, but has become aware of OSU's reluctance to be forthcoming in
responding to residents' questions about the airport. (more info)

How many airports are there in Ohio, and is OSU the only university in Ohio to operate an airport?
175 airports; 4 university-owned (more info)

What can I do to help?
See our Get Involved page.

How can I get involved?
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