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What is the economic impact of the Airport to the surrounding communities?

The Airport estimates to contribute roughly $65 million to the economy, but the real figure is
likely 80% less.

The Airport reports: "based on a recent study, the OSU Airport is estimated to contribute roughly $65 million annually to the community¯s economy through direct and indirect means" [osuairport.org]. NO SOURCE is provided for this figure.

However, in the airport's own Master Plan Update, they make the following claim: "Based on a 1995 study conducted by the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio State University Airport is estimated to contribute approximately $10.5 million annually to the community's economy through direct and indirect means. Another study places this figure as high as $40 million annually."

The conclusion? The $65 million figure used by the Airport without citing a source is over 6 times the figure reported (by the aAirport) in official documentation.

The Airport also states: "economic impact studies being conducted across the country indicate that major employers rank the proximity to a general aviation airport [highly]." While we do not dispute this claim, read this FAQ about other airports within close proximity to any "major employer" in the Columbus area.

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