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What about the other airports in the area?

There are three airports in Columbus and a fourth in Delaware All can be reached by car within 20
minutes or less from Don Scott Field. All 3 Columbus Airports are closer to freeway interchanges
and interstates and are prepared to support corporate aircraft today.

These airports are: Port Columbus, Rickenbacker, Bolton Field, and the Delaware Municipal Airport. Port Columbus is currently undergoing a decline in ridership, while the Rickenbacker and Delaware airports are currently undergoing expansions of their own.

Bolton Field is already established as a reliever and general aviation airport suitable for corporate use. It is surrouned by industrial, commericial, and undeveloped land and is therefore a much more appropriate location for a corporate jet center than the OSU airport which is surrounded by thousands for residences.

Bolton Field is very close, too. Using a stop-watch and cruise control set at 65mph, we found Bolton Field is

An uninexperienced driver was able to make the trip from 161/315 to Bolton Field at 4:30 PM on a weekday in 24 minutes.

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