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How will an expanded airport affect West Case Road?

Airport adminstrators show concern about West Case Road, but do not consider the needs of local
residents. Further, safety concerns have been raised about West Case.

West Case Road, which borders the Airport to the south and provides access to the Airport, has been discussed at the NorthWest Civic Association meetings. Notes from past meets of NWCA follow. It is important to note that any suggested improvements to West Case road would not be funded by ODOT.

At the February 2004 Meeting:

A stoplight will be installed at the intersection of West Case Rd. and Dierker as wait time and stacking of traffic on Dierker has (increased) reached the point where the intersection qualifies with the City of Columbus for a traffic light. (The city of Columbus will be paying for the light). The Dierker/West Case Rd. intersection is several 100 feet west of the entrance to OSU Airport. Doug Hammon, director of the OSU airport, expressed concern the light might cause traffic stacking in the airport driveway causing those leaving the airport to wait.

At the March 2004 Meeting:

A fireman at the Case Rd. Firehouse stated West Case Road is becoming busier and the fire Deptament helps out with traffic accidents at the intersection of Case and Dierker. He believes the proposed traffic light at the intersection will be helpful.
We question whether Doug Hammon's concern that the needs of the few airport users outweigh the needs of the surrounding community concerning the use of surrounding road and infrastructure.

At the March 2004 Meeting:

A former NWCA President stated "Traffic along West Case Rd. has significantly increased over the last 20 years." She expressed safety concerns regarding homes with entries (driveways) on West Case Rd.
Increased traffic from the airport will further increase these safety concerns.

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