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How will expansion of the airport affect local road usage.

The airport has admitted that increased airport usuage will put a burden on already busy local
roadways, yet local tax-payers will be forced to bear the costs of any improvements to these roads.

(The following information is from the 1990 "Ohio State University Airport Master Plan Study," page 95; the 1998 draft "Don Scott Field Area District Plan," pages 11-12, 29-30; as well as common knowledge about these roads.)

"Access to the Airport by automobile is provided by Bethel and Godown roads, Linworth and Godown roads, West Case Road, Sawmill Road and Dublin-Granville Road." The 1998 Draft Plan states the following (emphasis added): Though less than one mile from an interchange, it is primarily situated on and accessed by two-lane roads, one being a congested state route and the other a residential, and formerly rural roads. SR 161 between Linworth and Dublin and I-270 between Dublin and Worthington are perceived to be two of the tightest traffic bottlenecks in the City. Development of the Don Scott Field Area District must include a plan to improve the primary roads that access the site(s) regardless of the property type to be developed..

Who pays for improvements? Any roadway improvements to West Case, Goodown, Sawmill, Bethel, or Linworth would be paid for by the city of Columbus because they are local roads. Improvements to 161 could be picked up by the state. However, Scott N. Phinney of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) states "ODOT has absolutely no involvement in the OSU airport expansion. We have no funds or personnel involved on any expansion issues. Neither to do we have anyone working on any road improvements for the airport."

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