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woose.org: Questions - Is is true OSU Airport's expansion proposal will direct jets over properties listed on the National Register of Historic Properties?
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Is is true OSU Airport's expansion proposal will direct jets over properties listed on the National Register of Historic Properties?

Yes, there are dozens of buildings and sites which are already listed on the National Register of
Historic Buildings, and many more which are likely eligible for official designation. These are all
under the aircrafts' "footprint."


Most of these buildings and sites are already listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings;
others are pending official designation.


Mill Boarding House

Located at 25 Fox Lane, this was a boarding house built circa 1812 by James Kilbourne, the founder
of Worthington, for the employees of his Worthington Manufacturing Company.

St. John¯s Episcopal Church

Located at 700 High St, it is the pioneers¯ church in Worthington, constructed by founders Ezra
Griswold and James Kilbourne c. 1827

Sharon Township Hall

67 E. Granville Rd. c. 1856

Orange Johnson House

956 High St. c. 1816 Named for Orange Johnson, a horn smith who came to Worthington to work with
founder James Kilbourne and his Worthington Manufacturing Company, it is owned by the Worthington
Historical Society, and operated as a museum.

Snow House

41 W. New England Ave. c. 1817 John Snow, a merchant from Providence, Rhode Island, was attracted to
Worthington by founder James Kilbourne.

Captain Skeele House

700 Hartford St. c. 1835 Historic as an example of 19th century braced-frame architecture, it was
purchased in 1864 by Harriet Skeele, (something unusual for a married woman at that time) whose
husband was fighting in the Civil War.

Travis Scott House

72 E. Granville Rd. c.1825

Topping House

92 E. Granville Rd. c. 1875 Owned by the Topping family, descendants of James Russell, Worthington¯s
first blacksmith and inventor.

Vest House

91 E. Granville Rd. 1855

The Old Rectory

50 W. New England Ave. c.1835 This building, now serving as the office of the Worthington Historical
Society, and Doll Museum, has been moved twice in order to preserve it for future generations.

Ladd-Mattoon House

72 E. North St. 1820 This historic home is best known for its associations with the Underground

Sidney Brown House

12 E. Stafford Ave. 1840 Home of Sidney Brown, a barrel-maker in the early 1800s.

Demas Adams House

721 High St. 1818 This was the Federal style home named for Demas Adams, a businessman and real
estate investor, who in 1818 married James Kilbourne¯s step-daughter, Susan Barnes.

Village Green

High St. and Granville Rd. Because Worthington cherishes its historic heritage, this is one of the
few village greens which has been preserved intact since 1803.

Sign of the Sun Inn

679-681 High St. 1845 Also known as the Kilbourn Commercial Building c.1808

The Worthington Inn

649 High St This inn has been a recognized meeting place since 1835.

Masonic Lodge

634 High St. 1820 This is the longest continuously operating Masonic lodge west of the Allegheny

Worthington Presbyterian Church

High St 1927

Lane¯s Coach House

623 High St. c.1820

Fay House

64 W. Granville Rd. 1860 Originally owned by the widow of James Kilbourne¯s nephew¯s grandson,
Russell Hart, it is a Worthington example of Italianate architecture.``

¯Bird Song¯

38 Short St. c.1845 Another example of Worthington¯s desire to preserve its historical heritage,
this building originally was located on High Street, where it was built as quarters for the
president of the Worthington Female Seminary.

Sharon Township Memorial

137 E. Granville Rd. 1861 The early home of Horace and Henrietta (Tuller) Wright.

Wilcox Farm House

196 E. Granville Rd. c.1850 a preserved example of the Federal style 3 bay fa¯ade architecture

Potter Wright House

174 E. New England Ave. c.1835 Federal style frame house

Stritmatter House

48 W. South St. 1850

Gardner House

80 W. Granville Rd. 1896

Jeffers Mound

Plesenton Dr. This is one of the very few intact, large Indian Mounds.

Ripley House

623 High St. c.1818 The birthplace of Civil War General Roswell S. Ripley

Camp Lyon

Fox Lane This was the site of the Civil War drilling camp of the 46th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, led
by Colonel Tom Worthington, son of the ¯Father of Ohio Statehood.¯

The Granite House

587 Fox Lane One of the early recycled houses, built of granite paving blocks which once supported
streetcar rails.

Mechanics Square

540, 550 Fox Lane This is the site of James Kilbourne¯s Worthington Manufacturing Company workshops,
in use circa 1812.

African Methodist Episcopal Church

682 Plymouth St. Founded in the late 1800s by successful farmer and businessman, James Birkhead.

Worthington Town Hall - Sharon Memorial Hall

67 E. Granville Rd. This is the oldest public building in Worthington.

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