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Are improvements planned for Godown Rd?

Godown Road a winding country road and forms the east border of the Airport.No improvments are
planned for Godown Rd. at this time. Future improvements are tied to the widening of 161.

The Northwest Plan Appendix A (adopted by Columbus City Council on 9/39/96) state: Roadway
Improvement Priorities: Godown Road -widen and extend north of Bethel Road. Note the provision of
The Northwest Plan to widen and extend Godown Road north of Bethel Road should not be condisered
until such time as the followiong improvement projects have been completed: Widen Bethel Road,
Sawmill Road, and State Route 161 and construct a grade separation at State Rt. 161 and the CSX
Railroad." Note the State of Ohio has no funds and no future plans to widen St. Rt. 161 as of

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