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Why hasn't Worthington City Council publicly opposed airport expansion, or worked alongside WOOSE to combat the threats to our peace and safety?

Council is still fact-finding, but has become aware of OSU's reluctance to be forthcoming in
responding to residents' questions about the airport.

Worthington City Council has, appropriately so, taken a neutral position until they hear the
recommendations from the consultants they have hired.

Although WOOSE meetings are open to everyone, and representatives from various cities and civic
associations have attended, Worthington City Council has tried to remain objective and apart,
waiting until they have all the facts.

Council has been receptive, and has listened to the citizens of Worthington, to the extent that it
hired consultants to determine whether there is a problem, and to advise Council as to what should
be done about it. If the facts indicate real noise and safety issues, City Council may choose to
become more involved with WOOSE, as they work to preserve the quality of life in Worthington.

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