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I thought that OSU Airport was an educational facility? What is the airport's real mission?

Don Scott Field's stated mission is for education and teaching. However, the expansion is geared to
increase revenue generated by the airport, specifically corporate business.

From osuairport.org, the airport's mission statement is:

The mission of The Ohio State University Airport is to serve the University¯s teaching, research, and public service missions.

We will provide a progressive environment conducive to teaching, research, and public service.

We will provide a learning laboratory and professional experience for students seeking to lead, develop, and operate tomorrow¯s safe and efficient global aviation system.

We will explore and implement progressive concepts for airport services and facilities.

We will operate and manage superior facilities and associated aeronautical services for the global aviation community.

We will operate and manage the facility in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding community.

As this clearly indicates, the main reason for the airport's existance is for it to be a teaching facility. This puts the airport in a unique situation as compared to other airports in the area. Many, if not all, of the arguments the airport puts forward for the expansion are related to business and economic concerns. This is clearly not in line with the original purpose of the airport, and is better served by other airports in Columbus and Delaware.

Further, the pollution of, disruption to, and economic devaluation of properties surrounding the airport is clearly not a "public service" and is not "compatible with the surrounding (residential) community."

Finally, Doug Hammon, director of the Airport, was asked if the educational mission of the airport would be affected if the expansion did not happen. His response was "absolutely not."

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