We need your help! There are serveral ways that you can show your support or help us raise awareness in Northwest Columbus about the expansion of the Ohio State airport.

Step 1
Sign our online petition.

Step 2
Volunteer. Do you like to write? Do you take pictures? Do you enjoy talking to your neighbors? Do you like doing research? Volunteer at the online petition above, or see the petition drive page.

Step 3
Put up a sign in your home, car, or office. (Download the old sign here.)

Step 4
Write a letter. Use our convenient on-line letter writing assistant or view the list of people to write.

Step 5
Attend meetings. See our calendar of events. Keep yourself informed. Read the FAQs.

Step 6
Recruit. Do you know others that will be affected by the expansion? Talk to them! Visit our petition drive page.

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