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Ohio State Airport Master Plan Update
OSU, December 8, 2017
The Ohio State University Airport began updating its master plan fall, 2017 to identify current and future needs and gain consensus on investment priorities for the next 20 years.

U.S. Army Reserve hold parachute training at OSU airport
WCMH-TV, June 12, 2016
If you noticed large planes circling the city’s northwest side on Sunday, you’re not alone. About 60 U.S. Army Reserve paratroopers held practice drops on Don Scott Field at The Ohio State University Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Important Information if there is a Model Aircraft or Drone on your Christmas Gift List
Neighborhood News on www.worthington.org, December 21, 2015
Anyone flying a hobby or recreational model aircraft within five (5) miles of an airport is required to contact the control tower in advance. This covers the majority of the City of Worthington.

Important Information if there is a Model Aircraft or Drone on your Christmas Gift List
Neighborhood News on www.worthington.org, December 21, 2015
Anyone flying a hobby or recreational model aircraft within five (5) miles of an airport is required to contact the control tower in advance. This covers the majority of the City of Worthington.

Austin E. Knowlton Foundation gives Ohio State $10M to enhance aviation, education and research facilities
The Ohio State University, July 25, 2015
Funding will be cornerstone of a multiyear renovation of the university’s airport at Don Scott Field

WOOSE (We Oppose OSU Airport Expansion), July 24, 2015
Effective July 20, 2015, John Haueisen assumed the President’s position at WOOSE from John O’Keeffe.

OSU dean to be guest at group's annual meeting
This Week Community News - Northwest News, February 10, 2015
John Ehlers, president of the Northwest Civic Association board of trustees, announced last week that the dean of the College of Engineering at Ohio State University will be the featured guest at this year's annual meeting in April. Speaking at the February session of the civic association's board of trustees, Ehlers said he extended the invitation during a recent meeting he had with David B. Williams and OSU Airport Director Doug Hammond. The purpose of the gathering, the board president said, was to discuss the future of Don Scott Field.

OSU Airport Closed Briefly for Parachute Jump Training
The Ohio State University Airport, September 22, 2014
The Army will conduct a parachute jump training exercise on Wednesday evening, September 24th, at approximately 8:00 PM Local / (0000 Z 9/25) at the Ohio State University airport.

The Ohio State University Airport helps U.S. Army Reserve with parachute training
press release OSU college of engineering, August 7, 2014
On June 13, after a year of planning, 60 U.S. Army Reserve 412th Civil Affair Battalion paratroopers landed on Don Scott Field at The Ohio State University Airport for the first time. The battalion’s next scheduled exercise at the airport on West Case Road in Columbus will occur on August 8, from 1:30pm to 5:00pm.

New Invention
The Courant, July 16, 2014
Drone cartoon and comment by Bob Englehart.

Amazon seeks OK from FAA for drones
The Columbus Dispatch, July 14, 2014
Amazon is asking the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to use drones as part of its plan to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. The news sent shares of the nation’s largest e-commerce company up 5.6 percent on Friday.

OSU partners with college on drone technology
AP - Dayton Daily News, July 8, 2014
Ohio State University said it will partner with a southwest Ohio community college to position students at both institutions for careers in drone technology.

Sinclair forming drone partnership with Ohio State
Dayton Business Journal, July 7, 2014
Sinclair Community College and The Ohio State University will team up to work on the booming unmanned aerial systems industry. The schools called a press conference on Monday morning in Dayton to unveil the partnership. It centers on developing a pathway from existing Sinclair UAS certificate and future UAS associate degree programs into Ohio State’s data analytics and geospatial precision agriculture programs.

Aviation schools prepare for boom in drone jobs
Associated Press, December 13, 2013
Hundreds of student pilots nationwide preparing for jobs that don't exist yet. They and their classmates are eager to cash in on the booming market for drone operators that's expected to develop after more unmanned aircraft become legal to fly in U.S. airspace, which could happen in the next few years.

With new runway, Port Columbus growth ready for takeoff
The Columbus Dispatch, August 23, 2013
At 9:08 a.m. yesterday, Southwest Airlines Flight 3740 from Chicago touched down on the new $140 million south runway at Port Columbus, signaling the start of what officials call the next chapter in the airport’s history.The runway will enable the airport to handle increasing numbers of flights and passengers for years to come, and it’s part of a long-term plan that will include a new terminal.

Ohio State might soon decide future of Don Scott airport
Columbus Dispatch, July 11, 2013
Will the Ohio State University airport expand? Shrink? Shut down? University officials aren’t saying. But state Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, said he was told to expect Don Scott Field’s future to come up at next month’s university trustees meeting.

Pilots compete at Don Scott Field for national championship of college aviation
Columbus Dispatch, May 11, 2013
SAFECON, formally known as the National Intercollegiate Flying Association Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference, provides students a chance to compete in on-the-ground and in-the-air events designed to promote aviation education and, above all, safety. Events include navigation, aircraft recognition, a flight instruments simulator test and a message drop to a target on a field.

Air-control towers get a reprieve, to stay open
Columbus Dispatch, May 11, 2013
The control tower stands watch over Don Scott Field. The airport is owned by Ohio State University. The air-traffic-control towers at Bolton Field, Ohio State University’s Don Scott Field and scores of other small airports across the country will remain open through at least the end of September, federal officials said.

OSU AIRPORT Director: Tower closure up in the air
ThisWeek Community News, April 24, 2013
The control tower at the Ohio State University Airport is now scheduled to close June 15 -- maybe.

Redactions in airport report irks WOOSE
ThisWeek Community News, June 6, 2012
The Strategic Plan for Aerospace, Aviation and Flight, a summary that touched on various programming issues and future growth at Ohio State University Airport, is now available to the public. A local organization, however, is complaining because a good portion of the report has been redacted, adding to speculation the university could act in a clandestine fashion to expand the airport over the objections of many residents in the area.

Ohio State University Airport (OSU) – Columbus, OH Terminal Forecast for Ohio State's Airport: Unknown, But Noise an Issue
National Business Aviation Association, October 6, 2011
A lead article in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper earlier this month broke the news that the future of Ohio State University airport (OSU) is again in question. University officials tried in the mid-1980s to sell the popular GA airport to developers, but were stopped by the FAA. Review the article. University spokeswoman Shelly Hoffman confirmed that discussions on the airport’s future had started, but said that speculation on changes in ownership or operation of the airport was premature.

letter: Local candidates respond to planned airport expansion
Worthington News, September 29, 2011
WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion) has asked all candidates running for Worthington City Council, Sharon Township Board of Trustees and Riverlea mayor to respond to six questions concerning OSU Airport noise impacts and the proposed expansion.

Letter: Bolton Field has much to offer business clients
Columbus Dispatch, September 24, 2011
Mr Keller offers comment on Columbus Dispatch article “OSU to weigh future of airport”, and notes Bolton Field as a viable alternative.

Ohio State to weigh future of airport
The Columbus Dispatch, September 18, 2011
It’s been 25 years since Ohio State University tried to close its airport on the Northwest Side and sell it to developers. But officials will have a much more complicated set of issues to consider when looking at the future of the airport.Any deal involving the airport will have to address several key issues: its role in OSU’s aviation-studies curriculum; federal restrictions based on money received for land and improvements there; and long-simmering friction with some of the airport’s neighbors.

U. of I. cancels aviation program
Chicago Tribune, July 22, 2011
University of Illinois trustees agreed Thursday to shutter a decades-old aviation program in what one official cautioned could be the first of many cost-cutting moves at the state's flagship campus. The Institute of Aviation, based at the Urbana-Champaign campus, will close its doors at the end of the 2013-14 school year, according to the board's 6-2 vote.

NEW OHIO STATE CENTER - NetJets pledges $2M for aviation program
The Columbus Dispatch, June 1, 2011
NetJets has pledged $2 million in the next four years to establish a new Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University, to enhance aviation research and education. The program will have a formal launch on Monday.

Pilot hurt in crash near Don Scott Field
Columbus Dispatch, December 28, 2010
A single-engine plane crashed just short of the runway, leaving the only person on board injured.

Strickland ends state plane's hops
The Columbus Dispatch, April 10, 2010
Gov. Ted Strickland is ending the practice of sometimes having the state plane make the short trip from Don Scott Field to Port Columbus to pick him up as a way to save time. The governor now will be driven to Don Scott whenever he uses a state plane, unless the aircraft is already at Port Columbus when the governor needs to travel, spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said yesterday. Strickland has used the state plane less than previous governors, but he made the change as a way to save money after the practice was questioned in a story by The Other Paper this week, Wurst said.

Off the Radar: Private Planes Hidden From Public View
Pro Publica, April 8, 2010
To prevent the public from seeing where they fly, individuals, churches, and corporations have over the years turned to a little-known program that lets private plane owners block their flights from view in the government’s system for tracking air traffic.

Pot seized during drug bust at airport
The Columbus Dispatch, December 26, 2009
Federal agents intercepted suitcases early Thursday that were filled with marijuana, officials said. Police and federal drug-enforcement agents were waiting about 3 a.m. as a Cessna airplane landed at Don Scott Field, and the pilot and passenger began unloading baggage.

Council OKs Part 150 airport study
ThisWeek Worthington, December 10, 2009
Seven years ago, a crowd of residents filled Worthington City Council chambers to ask for help in halting the expansion of Don Scott Field. Noise generated by planes and small jets was shaking houses and awakening people from their sleep, and an extension of the north runway would only make matters worse, they said. On Monday, many of the same people were back to add their input as council signed off on a list of 21 recommendations designed to mitigate noise near the airport, especially over Worthington.

Deadline Extended For Those Opposing Airport Expansion
10 TV News (CBS), December 2, 2009
Residents living near The Ohio State University's Don Scott Airport on Case Road said proposed expansion plans will make noise problems worse. "This morning for instance, we had a loud jet, at 6:03 actually. It's disturbing, Sometimes there are many of them four, five in a row," said Tony Pello. Some residents fear the expansion could lead to more corporate jets - if Ohio State moves forward with plans to add new hangers and extend the northern runway.

Letter: Comments on OSU airport noise study don't have merit
ThisWeek Worthington, December 2, 2009
The Ohio State University Airport would like to thank those who participated in the noise study that began in 2007. Expert noise consultants spent two years analyzing operations at the Airport, following standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure safety and provide consistent measures with similar airports. The study team provided numerous opportunities for input, and considered every idea submitted by the public. Each idea, whether it could or could not work at our airport, was examined and discussed completely and thoroughly at public meetings. In a letter to ThisWeek on Nov. 9, Worthington residents John O'Keeffe and Jane Weislogel offered several questions and comments about the study, none of which have merit.

Letter: Study leaves many questions about airport unanswered
The Worthington News, December 2, 2009
We suggest residents, business owners and historic groups review the most recently released noise exposure maps available in Chapter 9 in the Document section of OSU Airport's Part 150 Web site at osuairportpart150.com to understand current and future noise impacts of the OSU Airport. The maps, prepared by OSU consultants, show single event level (SEL) noise contours to 80dB and 85dB. These maps clearly show those noise contours include most of Worthington, Riverlea and large sections of Sharon Township. It is single event noise that people find problematic.

Plume of Pollutants From a Small Airport
The New York Times, December 1, 2009
For people who live near an airport, noise is a major concern. But air quality can be an issue, too: after all, aircraft engines produce emissions on the ground as well as in the air. Air quality around airports has not been studied much, however, and when it has, the focus has been on larger airports, which usually have buffer zones separating them from neighborhoods. A study by Shishan Hu and Suzanne E. Paulson of the University of California, Los Angeles, and colleagues is one of the first to analyze the air at a small airport nestled in a neighborhood.

(Don Scott airport noise) Council asked to speak up on report
ThisWeek Worthington, November 19, 2009
Worthington City Council is being asked to make one more attempt to quiet the noise of airplanes over the city - noise that some say will get even worse in coming years. About 15 residents turned out at the council meeting on Monday to request that council add its comments to a study that will be submitted to the FAA next month.

letter: Please review airport noise documents
ThisWeek Worthington , November 19, 2009
We suggest residents, business owners and historic groups review the most recently released noise exposure maps available in Chapter 9 in the document section of OSU Airport's Part 150 web site at http://osuairportpart150.com/ OSU airport consultants present noise abatement alternatives
ThisWeek Worthington, November 5, 2009
Pilots using the Ohio State University airport may someday be encouraged to avoid noise sensitive areas near the airport, and pilots in training may be forced to follow guidelines to restrict noisy "touch-and-go" exercises. But don't expect the flight path over the city of Worthington to change. And there is no peace and quiet in the near future for the residents of Worthington's Castle Crest Drive, who during some hours must endure a steady stream of low-flying training flights over their homes. Those are some of the outcomes that became evident on Oct. 27, when the consultant who will recommend airport noise abatement recommendations made a presentation to residents.

Consultants: OSU runway extension could reduce din
The Worthington News (SNP), November 4, 2009
Ohio State University Airport officials say expansion of the north runway might lead to less noise for their neighbors. Officials from Environmental Science Associates, a consulting firm specializing in the impact of airports on their surrounding environments, presented a list of 21 possible noise-abatement procedures to the public during an open house at the airport Oct. 27. The abatement procedures are the most recent step of a nearly two-year Part 150 Noise Study during which the firm collected data and testimonials from neighbors.

Airport: FAA's approval of noise study 'important step'
Worthington News, July 15, 2009
Ohio State University Airport officials have announced the Federal Aviation Administration has accepted the noise exposure map results of a 2007-08 Part 150 Noise Study. In a July 1 letter from FAA Environmental Protection Specialist Ernest Gubry to Airport Director Doug Hammon, Gubry states that the FAA's acceptance of the maps means it acknowledges the study was performed properly. The acceptance of the maps -- which show both current noise levels and projected noise levels, including the possible future expansion of the airport's north runway -- does not necessarily mean an approval of "data, information or plans," Gubry said in the letter.

Noise study vindicates OSU airport expansion, but opponents disagree
Business First (Columbus), December 5, 2008
Results of a noise study appear to have toppled one obstacle to the planned expansion of Ohio State University Airport, much to the chagrin of some neighbors. But a runway extension and new hangars are at least five years off.

Airport study looks at solutions to noise problems
ThisWeek Worthington, November 13, 2008
Cusack and other Riverlea residents have aired their concerns in the past, but last week was different, because the emphasis turned to finding solutions as the lengthy study of noise at the Ohio State University Airport moved into its second phase. Out of this phase will come a Noise Compatibility Plan, which may result in steps being taken to mitigate some of the noise over Riverlea, Worthington and other residential areas near the airport.

OSU Airport noise study is entering its second phase
Worthington News (SNP), November 12, 2008
Some neighbors of the Ohio State University Airport still feel more than a little uneasy as plans for the expansion of the airport's north runway continue to move slowly forward. The airport hosted a public open house Thursday, Nov. 6, to discuss with residents both the ending of the first phase of the Part 150 Noise Study and the beginning of the second phase of the process, the Noise Compatibility Study.

Study to examine effects of airport noise
Montreal Gazette, October 27, 2008
Airport noise will be the focus of a new Montreal study now getting underway. An official with Montreal's public health department confirmed the department's researchers are looking at the impact of noise levels on the public health of residents living in and around Trudeau Airport and under flights paths. Last February, night flights were tied to hypertension and other health problems by British researchers who followed residents living near Heathrow and three other major airports in Europe.

Public invited to discuss airport noise
ThisWeek Worthington, October 23, 2008
Residents have long complained about the noise generated by Don Scott Field. On Nov. 6, they will have an opportunity to project their voices into a plan to abate that noise. Two public meetings are set for that day:from 2 to 4 p.m., the Part 150 Committee will meet at the Medflight training room, 2827 W. Dublin-Granville Road;from 7 to 9 p.m., a public open house will be held at the OSU Airport Hangar One, 2160 W. Case Road. A presentation will be made at 7:30 p.m. The purpose of both meetings is to provide an opportunity to review the updated draft Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs). The originals were presented to the public at a meeting on April 24, and have undergone "minor adjustments," according to Marie Keister, spokesperson for the Part 150 Study.

Private Aviation Feeds at Public Trough
The Hillsboro Argus, August 22, 2008
I share concerns regarding the added fees commercial airline travelers are now expected to pay for checked luggage. Though the public has been led to believe that higher fuel prices are the culprit, there is ample reason to believe there are other disturbing factors. In a June 24 Los Angeles Times article "Private Jets Flying on Your Dime," Kathy Kristof referred to a report by Essential Action and the Institute for Policy Studies that found "about $2.2 of the $7 billion in federal funds spent making capital improvements to airports over the last two years was used to fix up remote airports that primarily serve private jets."

letter: Don Scott Field is good fit for OSU
The Columbus Dispatch, August 12, 2008
Jules Garel wrote that Don Scott Field could be put to better land use, and, as a benefit, increase the business for Columbus' airports. Ohio State University places much emphasis on the sciences. Aviation sciences are the reason for the airport. It has supplemented that expense by offering its facility to private and business users. Sending business to Columbus is not part of the OSU charter, nor is it a university responsibility.

Private planes on TSA's radar
USA Today, August 11, 2008
The Transportation Security Administration is planning a massive expansion of aviation security that for the first time will regulate thousands of private planes now flying with no security rules. The new regulations, expected to be proposed in coming months, stop short of passenger screening,

OSU dean leaves for Case
The Columbus Dispatch, August 9, 2008
Case Western Reserve University's new provost appointed yesterday is William "Bud" Baeslack III. He is leaving his post as dean of Ohio State's College of Engineering and executive dean of the professional colleges.

Letter: Don Scott Field could be put to better use
The Columbus Dispatch, August 4, 2008
Last Monday's Dispatch editorial "Flying right" is succinct commentary regarding benefits from Don Scott Field to our community. The editorial alluded to the two important issues regarding Don Scott: the noise factor and the highest and best use of the land containing the air facility. But these issues might be more complicated than outlined by The Dispatch.

Letter: Airports are noisy too
The Other Paper, July 31, 2008
The OSU Airport has been steadily increasing its traffic and noise pollution for years now, and not much is being taken seriously about this. That is, there is a lot of “lip service” to community, but nothing substantive. Feedback from the neighbors is discounted and ignored and concerns minimized.

Firm suggests ways airport should handle noise complaints
Worthington News (SNP), July 30, 2008
The OSU Airport has been given a list of ways it can improve the way it handles noise complaints by ESA, a consulting firm hired by the airport, in findings from a study about the airport's complaint system dated June 12. WOOSE members question how complete the latest ESA study may be. The most recent study is one of a number the airport has asked ESA to perform. ESA also played a large role in the controversial Part 150 Noise Study that focused on the potential noise effects from increased flight traffic an expansion of the airport's north runway could have on the surrounding area.

Consultant lauds airport complaint system; critics say ESA did not complete full task
ThisWeek Worthington, July 24, 2008
The noise complaint system at Don Scott Field is working well, and in some cases the airport is doing more than expected of a general aviation airport of its size is the conclusion of a review of the system completed by the consultant hired by Ohio State University to do the Part 150 Study. Kim Nixon-Bell said that WOOSE has several problems with the consultant's review, beginning with the fact that they did not do what was required by the Part 150 Study Scope of Work.

Report lauds OSU airport on noise issue
The Columbus Dispatch, July 19, 2008
Ohio State University Airport not only is doing a good job dealing with complaints about noise, it's doing too much, according to an aviation consultant in a finding, made public yesterday. Neighbors dispute school-hired consultant's view on Don Scott Field.

Gas prices pinch airfields, marinas along with pilots, boaters
The Columbus Dispatch, June 27, 2008
If you think it's costly to hit the road for a weekend of fun, it's even worse for those who prefer the air or water. Recreational pilots and boaters are faced with gasoline costs that top what you'll find at the corner service station. It's grounding pilots who used to spend more time in the air and forcing boaters to turn off the motor more often. Smaller airfields are really feeling the pinch. The travel in and out of such airfields has been steadily declining over the past three years, said Jim Musgrove, airport manager at the Madison County airport in London.

Fuel price corrals private pilots, flight students
The Grand Rapids Press, June 26, 2008
Aviation fuel has reached $5 a gallon at many small airports, forcing private pilots -- at least those who fly single-engine planes for fun -- to change their habits.

Airline passengers helping to subsidize the private jet set, report says
Los Angeles Times, June 24, 2008
Owners of private planes benefit from a disproportionate amount of federal funds and don't pay their fair share of the cost of the air traffic control system, two advocacy groups say.

letter: Noise study group has responded to questions
ThisWeek Worthington, June 12, 2008
The June 5 Worthington ThisWeek article ("Residents still upset by Part 150 'Flaws'") left the false impression that those involved with The Ohio State University Airport noise study are not responding to residents' questions and comments, and that the analysis to date has been incomplete and perhaps flawed. These impressions are regrettable because they are not correct.

letter: follow-up on Residents still upset by Part 150 "flaws"
ThisWeek Worthington, June 12, 2008
We are residents who have spent years working with OSU airport on various committees and subcommittees. We have taken time to become involved and informed and one or both of us have attended all the meetings regarding the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study. Our testing, although limited, resulted in the following conclusions: 1) night fleet mix was understated, 2) touch-and-go operations do occur at night although none were modeled, 3) we could not verify the accuracy or reasonableness of the proposed night-time jet operations, 4) the methodology for equalizing arrivals and departures appeared to be incorrect and 5) the night-time allocation of unknown aircraft appeared to be incorrect.

Residents still upset by Part 150 'flaws'
ThisWeek Worthington, June 5, 2008
Back before Worthington City Council on Monday with allegations that the Part 150 study is seriously flawed, Scott Whitlock was asked if there was any way to encourage consultants to take the complaints seriously. "If we are not satisfied, we will ask the FAA to reject the model that has been done," Whitlock said. "I don't know if that has ever been done in one of these Part 150 studies."

Be Here. Get There. The Columbus Region.
Columbus C.E.O. (a supplement), June 1, 2008
The Ohio State University Airport serves the Columbus business community and is one of the nation's most active general aviation airports. IT recently ranked about 98 percent of America's 5,288 general aviation airports with respect to business aviation activity. The OSU Airport also is ranked the fourth-busiest airport in Ohio, topped only by Cleveland Hopkins International, Port Columbus and Dayton International. The OSU Airport not only serves members of the local community, but also is the point of entry for thousands of visitors each year. Numerous companies, including many of the Fortune 500, regularly utilize its corporate aviation services. The airport serves as a key resource for local communities by helping to attract and retain corporations, providing air ambulance and law enforcement services , and improving qualities of life thought flight training and other educational opportunities

editorial: Grounded. Reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration is stuck on the legislative tarmac
The Washington Post, May 28, 2008
Planes are packed. Flight delays and cancellations make a joke of airline schedules. And your child's Xbox video game system is more advanced than the air traffic control system that has been guiding aircraft in and out of increasingly crowded airspace since the 1950s. But a bill that would reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration for another five years and provide a funding mechanism for a satellite-based navigation system is stalled in the Senate. Commercial vs. general aviation funding at issue

letter: Airport growth not needed
Worthington News (SNP), May 14, 2008
A corporate jet getaway is simply not needed in a county that already has three large and underused airports within 35 minutes of the OSU Airport. The airport is doing great damage to its neighbors to the east. There has been virtually no mitigation action taken to fix the current problems for over 10 years.

Airport not loud enough to warrant curbs
ThisWeek Worthington, May 1, 2008
For years, residents living in the flight paths of Ohio State University Airport have complained about noise so loud that it shakes windows and keeps them awake at nights. But according to a report unveiled last week, the noise may not be loud enough to warrant measures being taken to quiet the aircraft flying over neighborhoods in Worthington and nearby communities.

Firm: Current, projected airport noise within guidelines
The Worthington News (SNP), April 30, 2008
The Ohio State University Airport held a public open house Thursday, April 24 in an effort to share its findings from the recently completed Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study. The study -- which was performed by the consulting firm Reynolds, Smith and Hill -- was undertaken by the airport as a means to find out just how much impact a 3,000-foot expansion of the north runway would have on the surrounding area.

Sides at odds over airport noise study
ThisWeek Worthington, April 24, 2008
Even as the first public hearing on the Ohio State University airport noise study is about to take place, the city's consultant and a group of citizens do not agree on the validity of the data used to create the report. The unveiling of the noise exposure maps created as part of the Part 150 Noise Study will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the airport this Thursday, April 24. A formal presentation is set for 7:30 p.m., and public input will be taken.

Worthington leaders updated on OSU Airport noise study
The Worthington News (SNP), April 23, 2008
Attorney David Zoll of Zoll & Kranz LLC in Toledo was on hand at the Monday, April 21 meeting to present a status report on the study before the anticipated Noise Study Maps are presented to the public Thursday, April 24. "People are going to feel the maps are wrong," Zoll said. "That's not our fault or OSU's fault. It's the rules we're playing under."

Airport to host open house to discuss Part 150 noise study
Northwest Columbus News (SNP), April 22, 2008
The Part 150 Study -- a more than $500,000 project -- began in September 2007 and is the first step for the OSU Airport in a process airport officials hope will end in an expansion of the airport's northern most runway from 3,000 feet to 6,000 feet. The Part 150 study is essentially designed to investigate how much the noise created by a proposed increase in traffic at a facility could potentially impact the surrounding environment. OSU Airport officials said they hope the open house will help answer questions and perhaps quell some of the concerns they've heard from the community.

Council listens to concerns about OSU Airport noise study
ThisWeek Worthington, April 10, 2008
As the first phase of an FAA-sponsored study of the Ohio State University airport winds down, two Worthington residents are concerned with the validity of some of the consultants' initial findings.

Biggin Hill residents 'feared plane crash'
Telegraph (UK), March 31, 2008
Residents living close to Biggin Hill airport have been warning of an aeroplane accident because the flight path brings aeroplanes so close to homes."There are houses within 200 yards of the runway and new houses have just been built there as well." The airport is keen to expand its operations, which are currently restricted to business aviation and private planes.

Pay-by-the-hour private jet service coming to Columbus
The Columbus Dispatch, February 14, 2008
An air-taxi service that uses new-generation small jets is expected to launch this summer in Columbus, putting the city on the leading edge of an aviation trend. Waypoint Corp., a New Albany startup, and Lane Aviation will offer flights for less than $2,000 per hour starting in June or July, pending approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aircraft Noise Raises Blood Pressure Even While People Are Sleeping, Says Study
ScienceDaily, February 13, 2008
Night-time noise from aircraft or traffic can increase a person's blood pressure even if it does not wake them, according to a new study published in the European Heart Journal. Scientists from Imperial College London and other European institutions monitored 140 sleeping volunteers in their homes near London Heathrow and three other major European airports.

Attorney will represent city in OSU Airport noise study
Worthington News (SNP), September 12, 2007
During closed session of last week's Worthington City Council meeting, attorney David Zoll of Zoll & Kranz LLC in Toledo was appointed as the representative for the city on the Part 150 Noise Study Advisory Committee. The committee will act as a voice for residents and officials during the Part 150 Noise and Land-Use Compatibility Study for the OSU. The study will be overseen by an engineering firm from Jacksonville, Fla.

letter: 'Constant' airport critics need to reduce the noise
Worthington News (SNP), September 12, 2007
I was stunned to read Dennis Hennen of WOOSE criticize the OSU Airport and suggest that they don¯t listen to the public. I attend the Airport Advisory Committee meetings and find them to be very open to public input. I was urther disgusted with the letter from Kim Nixon-Bell and Jane Weislogel, the self-appointed noise complaint analysts.

letter: OSU airport noise study might be more of the same
The Worthington News (SNP), September 5, 2007
For almost a year, WOOSE has raised concerns in the manner in which OSU is collecting data and reporting on noise complaints. A review of January and February 2007 complaints show an error rate of at least 30% and under-reporting in many categories such as night flights. Since this data will be part of the 150 study, it is important it is right.

Letter: WOOSE: Errors in noise reports are unacceptable
The Worthington News (SNP), September 5, 2007
On four occasions WOOSE has written and distributed reports expressing concern about OSU's collection and reporting of noise complaints. Most recently we completed a review of 592 complaints submitted to OSU for January and February to find an error rate of more than 1 in 4 complaints contained one or more errors. We believe this error rate is unacceptable; if left uncorrected, it will compromise the integrity, purpose and public trust of the Part 150 Study.

FAA grant will be used to fund OSU airport noise study
ThisWeek Worthington, August 23, 2007
Ohio State University airport officials announced on Monday that it has received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which will pay 95 percent of the $533,673 cost of the first phase of the study. Worthington City Council, the village of Riverlea, and WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion) have each requested the Part 150 study for many years. The most recent noise study was published in 1990.

The Columbus Dispatch, August 21, 2007
OSU has received a federal grant to begin a noise and land-use compatibility study for its airport. Members of the group WOOSE remain skeptical. "It's definitely a good step," said the group's former president, Dennis Hennen who's concerned the airport's recent history doesn't bode well. Jane Weislogel, the group's vice president, said "They underreported all kinds of things." "To ... use the data they have for the study is not appropriate because it doesn't include all the complaints ."

Send jets to Union County? No way, says Don Scott official
ThisWeek Worthington, August 9, 2007
Relocating corporate jets from Don Scott Field to the Union County Airport might sound like a good idea to some Worthington area homeowners, but they shouldn't start opening their windows at night just yet.

County may try to entice Don Scott Airfield
Marysville Journal-Tribune, July 25, 2007
Union County officials want to begin talks with the Don Scott Airfield in Columbus about a possible relocation. The Union County Economic Development Director Eric Phillips told county commissioners Monday that he would contact officials at the Don Scott Airfield in northern Columbus. The City Manager for Dublin, told the commissioners that Don Scott airfield, which is owned by the Ohio State University, was now surrounded by development and had become landlocked.

The Columbus Dispatch, July 24, 2007
The two-seater plane had just radioed its final approach to Don Scott Field on Sunday evening when there was a loud noise, then a deafening silence. The pilot said he could tell from the way the plane was vibrating that the bang meant the plane's propeller was somewhere behind them.

Equity CEO asks council to support Don Scott airport
ThisWeek Worthington, June 7, 2007
Don Scott Field is an asset to some Worthington businesses and the city should support the airport, a real estate development company official told Worthington City Council on Monday. Council members pledged to work with the company, but doubted that Wathen was correct in alleging that Worthington's representative on the OSU airport advisory committee said that he wanted the airport to close.

Plane Crashes Into Calif. Homes
The Columbus Dispatch, June 4, 2007
A small plane lost power and slammed into homes Monday while trying to land, slightly injuring the pilot and two passengers, authorities said. No one on the ground was hurt when the twin-engine Piper Seneca came to rest atop a garage.

OSU airport to hand over complainants' information
Worthington News (SNP), May 16, 2007
Just under 60 airport noise complainants will have names and contact information released by the Ohio State University Airport later this week. The move comes as the university operates in compliance with a public records request filed by We Oppose Ohio State University Airport Expansion, or WOOSE.

letter: 7 facts frin previous analysis of noise
ThisWeek Worthington, May 10, 2007
It is unfortunate OSU airport staff has chosen to record but not research all submitted complaints. This practice ensures the airport will provide the public with monthly and yearly complaint counts but not analysis of data which would identify and could address the root sources of noise complaints.

letters: A couple of questions for noise complainers
ThisWeek Worthington, May 10, 2007
The first three letters are from Jack Willer, Scott Whitlock, and Jane Weislogel, and all address opinions regarding noise and noise complaints regarding flights using the OSU airport.

letter: Airport noise varies from street to street
Worthington News (SNP), May 2, 2007
I have lived within three miles of the airport for 60 years. Talking with many residents, I have learned that what can be almost unbearable noise on one street, is practically unnoticeable just three or four streets away.

letter: Ohio State could have responded to complaints
ThisWeek Worthington, April 26, 2007
WOOSE believes one full-time OSU staff member could have responded to all 954 complaints in the 480 hour work period based upon the standard of handling 2 complaints per hour. The question for Mr. Hammersmith (the Dublin city engineer) to ask is why he, other members of the airport advisory committee and the general public were not informed by OSU in March of the policy change to limit responses by OSU airport of noise complaints.

Letter: Complaints are key piece
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007
Why would some residents submit more aircraft complaints than others? Dean Baeslack pledged in 2005 that OSU would aggressively address noise issues. When OSU agrees to limit noisy aircraft operations over my home to 10 per month, I will gladly agree to submit only 10 noise complaints per month!

letter: Airport lags behind in response to noise issues
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007
An OSU airport decision was made to limit noise/low flight complaint responses to 10 per month per individual because of staffing levels. The question is when will OSU dramatically improve the efficiency of its aircraft noise complaint system so that all complaints can be researched and responded to?

letter: Response to airport story
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007
80 percent of the 954 complaints logged from November through February came from only 10 different addresses. I think that we have here an excellent example of a "vocal minority": some ten (obviously dedicated) residents around the airport have decided that they don't like the noise, and will complain long and loud and often until something is done about it.

Don Scott Field: Complaints on noise may be heard, not answered
ThisWeek Worthington, April 19, 2007
If you file a complaint about a noisy airplane that awakens you in the night or shakes your house, operators of an aircraft-tracking system at Don Scott Field will respond. But if you complain too much, don't expect an answer. Your complaint will be researched and recorded, but if you have already filed 10 or more complaints that month, you may not receive a response.

Airport officials to answer to fewer noise complaints
Worthington News (SNP), April 18, 2007
Vendors are still working out the kinks with Ohio State University Airport's online noise complaint software said Sam Carter of ERA at April's meeting of the airport advisory committee as he explained monitoring technology that allows airport officials to research noise complaints as submitted by neighbors. Cathy Ferrari stood by a recent OSU airport policy change, saying that her staff could not research and respond to more than 10 complaints per person per month.

Noise Complaints to Get a More Muted Response
The Columbus Dispatch, April 12, 2007
After the release of its WebScene aircraft-tracking system in January, Ohio State University pledged to respond to every noise complaint about Don Scott Field. Instead, they are now limiting their responses to 10 monthly complaints per person.

New Legislation Focused of GA Threats
Aviation International News, March 22, 2007
The U.S. Senate has passed a legislation package addressing many of the 9/11 Commission¯s aviation security recommendations that have not yet found their way into law. Notably, the proposed rules would give the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) one year to develop a threat assessment program for general aviation airports.

WebScene works well, airport rep says
ThisWeek Worthington, February 22, 2007
The newly launched aircraft tracking system at Don Scott Field is actually easy to use, according to airport spokesperson Cathy Ferrari. Responding to complaints lodged at two recent public meetings, Ferrari said critics are not giving the new system a chance.

Critic slams OSU¯s Don Scott Web site
The Columbus Dispatch, February 10, 2007
A critic of OSU¯s new Web-Scene airplane-tracking system is not giving the Web site a chance, an OSU official says. The site allows people to track flight paths and lodge complaints about aircraft at OSU¯s Don Scott Field. "To say that it is a disappointment would be an understatement," said Scott Whitlock, Worthington¯s representative to the Airport Advisory Committee, who complained to OSU officials at a meeting Thursday night and also spoke Monday night to the Worthington City Council.

New Don Scott complaint system hard to use, can't ID some planes
ThisWeek Worthington, February 8, 2007
The new Web-based system to report noisy aircraft using Don Scott Field is difficult to access and use, according to Worthington's representative on the Ohio State University Airport Advisory Board. Reporting to Worthington City Council on Monday night, Scott Whitlock also expressed concern that many planes landing and taking off from the airport in the middle of the night cannot be identified.

City Leaders Look into Crystal Ball at Forecast Breakfast
The Worthington News (SNP), February 7, 2007
Worthington City Council will continue to address the expansion of the OSU Airport. The city and council also will continue to examine ongoing issues, including the debate about the Ohio State University Airport at Don Scott Field and proposed expansion by the Ohio Department of Transportation at U.S. Route 23, state Route 315 and Interstate 270, Elder said.

WOOSE closes door on airport noise complaint center
Worthington News (SNP), January 31, 2007
As of Thursday, We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion, or WOOSE, will no longer accept online noise complaints. "It's time for Ohio State University to bear this responsibility," said Kim Nixon-Bell, a WOOSE member. For more than two years, the group of airport expansion opponents has tracked noisy airplanes through its Web site, woose.org.

letter: Send airport complaints directly to university
Worthington News (SNP), January 31, 2007
As of February 1, 2007, the WOOSE website will no longer accept aircraft complaints after more than two years of collection. OSU told us they will not respond to complaints submitted via the WOOSE system. We have been waiting for the time when OSU was ready to shoulder the burden of gathering, researching, accurately reporting and responding to noise complaints. OSU has now established a noise complaint procedure and aircraft tracking system, and will soon announced a web-based component.

New software can identify noisy planes at Don Scott
The Columbus Dispatch, January 29, 2007
For years, the planes that rattled windows and woke neighbors of Ohio State University¯s Don Scott Field were anonymous annoyances.But a new computer system will mean the next time a jet blasts over, residents will be able to log in to an airport Web site and identify the plane before they file a complaint with the airport.

Council Hears Report on Funds, Cleanup
The Worthington News (SNP), January 28, 2007
Under: "Airport News" - Also at the meeting, the ongoing battle over noise caused by planes at the Ohio State University Airport inched closed to resolution. Scott Whitlock, a Worthington resident and member of the advisory board for the noise regulation and study at Don Scott Field, said in his report that the university will go ahead with the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study. The findings of this study could result in noise reduction for the city.

Small Piece Of Airplane Crashes Through Roof
WBBM 780 (CBS), January 12, 2007
(CBS) CHICAGO Friday morning began with a jolt from the sky for a woman living near Midway Airport, as a piece of a plane crashed through her roof, landing in her bedroom.

NJ's Lautenberge Introduces Measure to Phase Out Noisy Jets
PRNewswire, December 14, 2006
Neighbors of busy airports across the country are a step closer to getting relief from aircraft noise, based on legislation introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). In the closing days of the 109th Congress, he sponsored the Aircraft Noise Reduction Act of 2006, a measure that gives aircraft owners of older, noisier Stage 2 aircraft three years to either discontinue their use or upgrade them to meet Stage 3 standards.

letter: Ohio State Records
The Columbus Dispatch (on-line version only), December 1, 2006
The Dispatch is not alone in their inability to get straight answers from OSU ("No records? OSU's claim rings hollow," November 26, 2006). As president of WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion), I have made many public records requests of the University. Like the Dispatch: WOOSE has been told records, which should be on file and available for review, do not exist; WOOSE has been provided with incomplete records omitting documents we found elsewhere.

OSU airport system setup to monitor noise
ThisWeek Worthington, November 30, 2006
The long-awaited air noise monitoring system is up and running. Ohio State University officials last week announced the installation of AirScene, a new aircraft noise and operations management system designed to provide better communication between the university airport and its surrounding communities.

Airport officals: Bring on noise reports
The Worthington News (SNP), November 22, 2006
Following several months and technical delays, the much-anticipated noise complaint tracking system is working correctly, and the university is inviting conversation with airport neighbors. The system is designed to track neighbor complaints and inquiries, allowing the staff to gain a firm understanding of local concerns as the airports heads into the a Part 150 Noise Study next year.

New System to Monitor Aircraft (news release)
The Ohio State University, Department of Aviation, November 21, 2006
The Ohio State University Airport has installed a new aircraft noise and operations management system to provide better communication between the airport and its surrounding communities. The AirScene flight tracking system uses state-of-the-art software which allows airport staff to watch flight tracks and to calculate an aircraft¯s altitude over specific locations. The system will also maintain the complaints and inquiries filed by neighbors.

New airport noise complaint system set to launch
Worthington News (SNP), November 15, 2006
The Ohio State University airport confirmed Monday that technical issues have been resolved, and that a formal announcement is expected next week trumpeting the launch of the airport's much-anticipated noise complaint system. Not mentioned in the news article is an e-mail address for noise/low flight complaints: noise@osuairport.org

Letter: Airport issue received no attention at forum
The Worthington News (SNP), November 1, 2006
At the October 24th "Candidates night", local questions (including OSU Airport questions) were never presented to the candidates.

An Easier Way to Fly
The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2006
FAA's 'Sport Pilot' Program Lowers Bar for Amateurs; No Medical Exam Needed

WOOSE proposes law to limit plane noise
ThisWeek Worthington, October 19, 2006
Noisy airplanes may someday be illegal in Worthington. The local citizens' group that has been attempting to quiet the skies above the city for many years on Monday recommended to Worthington City Council that it approve an ordinance limiting the level of noise that could be generated by planes, especially those using the Ohio State University Airport.

WOOSE calls OSU response incomplete
ThisWeek Worthington, October 19, 2006
Last summer WOOSE released a 52-page report on the implications of OSU¯s plans for the Don Scott Field area surrounding its airport. University representatives have called the report inaccurate and misleading. After being challenged to back their criticism of the report, OSU has issued a two-page response. Overall we found the response to be incomplete and in some cases inaccurate.

Letter: OSU has simple system in place for complaints
The Worthington News (SNP), October 11, 2006
OSU Airport has two methods available to interested persons making complaints or compliments regarding the operation of Don Scott Field. Unfortunately, a group called WOOSE that dislikes the OSU Airport, has been telling people not to use the complaint system that the university has in place and to, instead, use their website to make and file noise complaints.

letter: WOOSE complaint system now updated
The Worthington News (SNP), October 4, 2006
Why aren't residents who submit complaints regarding noise/low flights complaints via the WOOSE complaint system being responded to?

letter: Airport complaints must stay out in the open
The Worthington News (SNP), September 27, 2006
Why it that WOOSE is trying to operate in secret? Is to avoid accountability by those who are making complaints?

letter: OSU response to WOOSE report still inadequate
The Worthington News, September 20, 2006
On July 5th WOOSE released a 52 page report on the implications of OSU's plans for the Don Scott Field Area surrounding their airport. University representatives have called the report inaccurate and misleading. After being challenged to back their criticism of the report, OSU has issued a two page response, which WOOSE suggests is inadequate.

Flying back through time
The Worthington News (SNP), September 20, 2006
Vivid memories visit WWII veterans when they take flight on B-17 bomber. Aluminum Overcast (a 1945 B-17) stopped at Ohio State University Airport last weekend as a part of the 2006 "Keep It Flying" national tour

letter: Woose: Allow public to complain anonymously
The Worthington News (SNP), September 6, 2006
WOOSE insists the public should have the choice to submit complaints anonymously. We have demonstrated to the University that their fears of abuse of the system simply do not exist in practice, and there are methods to enter into a dialog with community members while maintaining their anonymity.

Chamber event showcases OSU airport facilities
The Worthington News (SNP), September 6, 2006
The Don Scott Airport opened Hangar 1 to host business networking with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce last Wednesday. Preliminary numbers suggest the event may have been one of the chamber's largest networking events, said Airport Director Doug Hammon. Because the airport has always claimed to be first and foremost an educational facility for training more than 200 aviation students, neighbors are wondering what business the airport has expanding its corporate profile.

Airport advisory groups' merger may increase efficiency
The Worthington News (SNP), August 30, 2006
Details of the pending merger of two community airport advisory groups are more clear after Thursday's joint meeting. Formed in December, the Airport Advisory Board and Noise Committee each comprise representatives from 20 different community groups, including neighboring municipalities, townships and regional organizations.

Airport expansion opponents want all complaints heard
The Worthington News (SNP), August 30, 2006
Members of We Oppose Ohio State (Airport) Expansion, or WOOSE, are continuing to push officials at Don Scott Airport to record complaints anonymously when the university's much-anticipated aircraft noise complaint system is up and running.

Small aircraft traffic will increase on north runway
The Worthington News (SNP), August 23, 2006
Small aircraft will use the north runway in the coming weeks due to paving/lighting improvements. Residents at either end of the north runway of Don Scott Airport might notice and increase in small aircraft traffic over their homes.

When a neighbor is a real nuisance
Chicago Tribune , August 4, 2006
Airport nusiance and disclosure - most states now have home-sale disclosure laws. These require sellers to reveal serious problems that have a material effect on the market value or desirability of a residence. Writer's answer was "Yes, you must disclose the next-door neighbors are noisy." Please note writer's comments on "public nuisance" including "a noisy airport".

AirScene tracking system to provide information about loud airplanes
ThisWeek Worthington, July 27, 2006
After the new AirScene flight tracking system begins operation next month, residents who complain about noisy airplanes using Don Scott Field can expect responses from Ohio State University employees who will monitor the apparatus.

LETTER: WOOSE awaiting OSU's comments on new report
Worthington News (SNP), July 26, 2006
The authors question the 48 year absence of an approved business plan for the OSU airport and interest fee loans to a private company from OSU while they request a response to their 2nd "report" on Don Scott Field.

"Microjets" may be the future of air travel
MSNBC, July 26, 2006
Microjets - also known as VLJs (very light jets) - being used as air taxis may become a prominant feature at OSU's Don Scott Field.

Restructuring may be in order for airport groups
The Worthington News (SNP), July 26, 2006
Although they formed less than a year ago, two neighborhood advisory groups to the Ohio State University Airport (Airport Advisory Board and Noise Committee) are looking a bit too similar to the dean who commissioned them. Also airport officials said necessary sensors had been installed and that the new noise tracking system would be in place for the first week of August.

OSU concerned with 'inaccuracies' in WOOSE report
The Worthington News (SNP, July 19, 2006
A group critical of the Ohio State University airport recently released a negative 91-page document about the airport on its Web site, woose.org, and the university has had little to say in response.

Surging traffic at the arirfield has neighbors feeling besieged
Los Angeles Times, June 22, 2006
Residents who live near Santa Monica Airport know it's Academy Awards season by th3e pickup in jet traffic zooming over their houses.

Airport groups¯ consolidation draws mixed reactions
Worthington News (SNP), June 21, 2006
At least a few issues in the past weeks have angered committee members, including the possible restructuring and consolidation of the groups. Also of concern last week were rumors that SAFECON would return to the Don Scott Airport in the fall and again in the spring, snd the housing of MedFlight aircraft at the airport a week after MedFlight made a commitment to halt all flights of the older, noisier aircrafts between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Letter: You decide if OSU is acting in good faith
ThisWeek Worthington, June 15, 2006
The actions of OSU and the airport over the past few months have brought the issues of good faith and trust into question.

MedFlight reroutes noisy night jets from Don Scott Field to Port Columbus
ThisWeek Worthington, May 18, 2006
Beginning last Friday, all MedFlight jets transporting patients or crews between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. will take off and land at the Columbus airport rather than at the Ohio State University airport, according to Scott Whitlock, Worthington's representative on the OSU airport advisory board.

Neighbors of OSU airport want university to study noise
Worthington News, SNP, May 17, 2006
At a joint meeting of the Don Scott airport advisory board and noise committee, held to gather feedback on the pursuit of a noise study for 2007, neighbors gathered in OSU¯s AeroLab to voice ongoing concerns about the airport¯s effect on their quality of life. OSU can't commit to the study until its board of trustees and president approve it.

Noisy jet aircraft end night flights at Don Scott Field
The Columbus Dispatch, May 13, 2006
MedFlight operates a helicopter, ambulance and two turbo-prop airplanes from its headquarters just north of the airport. But the largest user of the aircraft at Don Scott Field says it will end nighttime flights there immediately.

Executives Take Company Planes as if Their Own
The New York Times, May 10, 2006
Probably a surprise to some of us (and their stockholders) - corporate executives may be using company airplanes for personal use.

State agency lands hard on Watsonville airport decision
Santa Cruz Sentinel, April 29, 2006
The following article concerns an airport, in another area of the US, that has proposed closing a crosswind runway because of "low activity" This proposed crosswind runway closure, as the proposed OSU Airport the closure of the crosswind runway, would "open up" additional land for development. The article points out why pilots need crosswind runways and the safety concerns of pilots concerning the proposal.

Airport neighbors wary of title shift
Columbus Dispatch, April 12, 2006
OSU trustees sign over 60 acres of Don Scott to state to meet FAA rules

Noise-complaint tracking system to take off at Don Scott
Northwest News, April 5, 2006
After months of preparation, the 'time-consuming' process of installing the devices is almost done. Also, OSU land title transfer examined, and information about the April 11th presentation by the FAA.

Letter: OSU needs to get facts straight on flight data
The Worthington News (SNP), March 22, 2006
Respondent indicates that OSU airport responded inapproprately to a very specific complaint and hopes that AirScene product will help OSU to respond more accurately.

OSU Airport expansion not slowing down at all
Worthington News (SNP), March 15, 2006
Althought the newly formed OSU Airport Advisory Board, Noise Committee, and subcommittees have met only a few times for educating members and looking at noise issues, the OSU board of trustees have approved airport inprovements and the university continues to work with the FAA on land transfer proposals without input from these boards/committees.

LETTER: Airport expansion goals have not changed at all
Worthington News, SNP , March 1, 2006
It was clear that in spite of a postponement of the proposed expansion of Don Scott Airport, the University continues to make incremental improvements to the airport and is working on land transfer agreements with the state and the FAA that will position the airport for the expansion they plan, including the extension of the north runway.

F.A.A. Says Era of the Air Taxi Is at Hand
The New York Times, March 1, 2006
Thousands of tiny passenger jets will soon begin flying, the Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday, which will open up travel opportunities at small airports, and perhaps eventually gum up the air traffic control system.

Residents, civic leaders weigh in on Northwest Plan draft
Northwest Columbus, SNP, February 22, 2006
Schuck and others who attended said proposed developments on 240 acres of university-owned property north of Don Scott Airport are too dense. Development proposals included a mix of residential uses, including multi-family, single-family and senior housing. Proposals also incorporated green space and an office campus. "We'd need a 10-lane road to accommodate all that," said Rosemarie Lisko, NWCA member.

Hangar Condos Catch A Tailwind
The Columbus Dispatch, February 13, 2006
Mark and Tricia Teal were among the first people to buy a hangar condo at Airspace Place at the Delaware County Airport.For an annual fee, hangar owners and others can join Airspace Place¯s aviation club, which allows use of an 1,800-square-foot flight planning building. Could this be the future at OSU airfield?

City Grounds Plan for LAX
Los Angeles Times, January 19, 2006
Los Angeles City Council Wednesday unanimously approved an agreement to shelve an $11-billion overhaul in exchange for airport-area communities dropping lawsuits challenging the plan. "'Contrary to the paradigm of an airport proprietor, the thinking here is that it actually makes a tremendous amount of sense to cooperate ¯ with your neighbors, and, in this case, the region as a whole'"

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper New Jets May Transform Flying
USA Today, January 19, 2006
America's already crowded skies are about to become more congested with the advent of VLJs. Called "microjets" or "very light jets," (VLJs) they've been likened to SUVs with wings.

Running out of Runway
latimes.com, January 15, 2006
IN FEBRUARY 2005, the pilot of a business jet aborted a takeoff from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey but was unable to stop the plane at the end of the runway. It skidded across 1,000 feet of runway, a grass area, a highway and a parking lot, then crashed into a warehouse and caught fire.

Groups Hear About Noise Monitor System
ThisWeek Worthington, December 22, 2005
After a new noise monitoring system is set up at Don Scott Field in January, complaints about low-flying, noisy airplanes may no longer fall on deaf ears.

Big Changes Topped Headlines This Year In Worthington
Worthington News, SNP, December 21, 2005
OSU Airport Among Top Worthington Stories in 2005

E-mail this Printer-friendly Subscribe RSS feeds Wednesday, December 21, 2005 Get ready for shift in jet noise [Cincinnati]
Cincinnati Enquirer, December 21, 2005
When the new runway at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport opens Thursday morning, aircraft noise will increase on the ground in western Hamilton County and in central Boone County. "Anything louder than the equivalent of 65 decibels over 24 hours is considered by federal regulations to be unsuitable near residences. Such a limit is akin to listening to a vacuum cleaner 10 feet away for 24 hours straight."

OSU Airport Committees Gear Up for Future Meetings
Worthington News (SNP), December 21, 2005
When the two advisory committees for Don Scott Airfield meet again next month, both committees likely will have chairmen in place and a definitive agenda for future discussions. Thursday's joint meeting with William "Bud" Baeslack, dean of Ohio State University's College of Engineering and faculty adviser for the airport, was lengthy but informal, as Baeslack and airport Director Doug Hammon gave presentations that reviewed the airport's teaching, research and public-service missions.

Diebold CEO O'Dell resigns
Crain's Cleveland Business, December 12, 2005
Diebold¯s chairman Walden O'Dell leaves the company. (O'Dell is a member of the Ohio State University Board of Trustees and its Facilities Planning Subcommittee which reviews all airport expansion items.)

OSU Airport Groups to Meet on Thursday
ThisWeek Worthington, December 8, 2005
A new era in the relationship between the community and the Ohio State University airport may take flight this Thursday, when two new airport advisory bodies are scheduled to meet for the first time. "I see it as a huge positive move," said Kim Nixon-Bell. "We've never had anything like this before."

Airport Committee Meeting Slated
Worthington News (SNP), December 7, 2005
The airport advisory board and the noise committee, which consists of representatives from nearby municipalities, airport users, regional authorities and the neighborhood advocacy group We Oppose Ohio State (Airport) Expansion, will meet for the first time at 7 p.m. Thursday at the airport site inside the Ohio State Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory, 2300 W. Case Road.

NetJets orders 50 Raytheon Hawkers
The Wichita Eagle, December 5, 2005
Raytheon Aircraft Co. received a record-setting order for 50 Hawker 4000 midsize jets from NetJets, the nation's largest buyer of business jets. The deal is valued at more than $1 billion and includes a 10-year guaranteed maintenance agreement.(NetJets is based in Columbus, OH. We believe the 50 Hawker 4000 aircrafts they just purchased will be able to land at Don Scott field.)

Judge Refuses to Throw Out Noise Case
KSTP-TV (from Associated Press Wire), December 2, 2005
A Hennepin County district judge has denied efforts to dismiss an airport noise mitigation lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against the Metropolitan Airports Commission by the cities of Minneapolis, Eagan and Richfield, and the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.

Pair to Represent City in Airport Issues
Worthington News (SNP), November 30, 2005
Worthington City Council has announced its representatives to the Ohio State University airport advisory committees. Council members appointed Scott Whitlock to the OSU Airport Advisory Board and Cheryl Chandler to the Airport Noise Advisory Committee.

Ohio State Airport Advisory Committees to Meet
The Ohio State University, November 29, 2005
The Ohio State Airport Advisory Board and the Ohio State Airport Noise Advisory Committee, two newly appointed groups representing nearby communities, airport users and airport staff, will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8 at the Ohio State Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory, 2300 West Case Road, according to William A. "Bud" Baeslack III, Dean of the College of Engineering.

City Council Names Its Airport Representatives
ThisWeek Worthington, November 24, 2005
Scott Whitlock and Cheryl Chandler will represent the city of Worthington as Ohio State University Airport advisory volunteers.

LETTERS : 7,000 Complaints to OSU; No Response
ThisWeek Worthington, November 24, 2005
Let me summarize: 7,000 complaints in six months, no response to complaints from OSU. In light of this, can OSU still claim to be a "good neighbor" in regard to its current and future airport operations? (second unrelated letter included at site)

As Noise Rises, So May Heart Risks
Forbes, November 23, 2005
"We seem to be looking at a [noise] threshold at which risk [for heart attack] occurs and remains constant above this, and this [threshold] appears to be around 60 decibels." (The FAA says a weighted noise average of 65 decibles (65dB DNL) is acceptable, and thus for OSU has been unwilling to mitigate noise below the 65 decible level. Most national and world-wide bodies accept 55dB DNL or less as the acceptable maximum level. 65 decibles is 2-3 times as loud as 55 decibles).

OSU Airport Committees Delay Meeting
Worthington News (SNP), November 23, 2005
With a few committee members yet to be finalized and a Thanksgiving holiday to plan around, a scheduled meeting between Ohio State University officials and the Don Scott Airfield advisory board and noise subcommittees has been pushed back another week from Monday to Dec. 5.

List of NTSB 'Most Wanted' Safety Improvements Languish
Air Safety Week, November 21, 2005
One of the NTSB 'Most Wanted' Safety Improvements contained in this article has to do with deicing. Re. OSU airport expansion: Could one reason for a longer runway is to handle operations in worse weather. Could new hangars mean more de-icing simply because of more flights? Do they de-ice now, or could they in the future?

Trustees Seek Seven New Members
The Lantern, November 15, 2005
By June of 2006, the Ohio State Board of Trustees will have a whole new look. As an amendment to the state budget that passed in June, six new members will be appointed to the board, by Gov. Bob Taft. "Three appointments are eminent, definitely before the end of the year. Three more by the end of June and one appointment to replace an outgoing member," said Mark Rickel, press secretary for Taft.

Private Contractor Transitions Cause Radar Outages
Press Release, P.A.S.S., AFL-CIO, November 4, 2005
WASHINGTON, DC¯Following a radar outage earlier this week at O¯Hare International Airport in Chicago, Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) today expressed serious concern about the transition from MCI to Harris Corporation¯s Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI), which provides circuitry and communications for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Seven on Ballot for Sharon Township Board
ThisWeek Worthington, November 3, 2005
Voters in Sharon Township, including the city of Worthington, will elect two members to the Sharon Township Board of Trustees next week. These are some of candidates' introductory comments and answers to questions at a candidates' forum held last Thursday night at Congregation Beth Tikvah.

Council Candidates Agree: It's the Economy
ThisWeek Worthington, November 3, 2005
Airport, arts center, endorsement kerfuffle are other topics at debate. Mike Duffey's endorsement by the Franklin County Republican Party became a dividing issue during an otherwise routine debate among Worthington City Council candidates last week.

Airport boards seek applications
Worthington News SNP, November 2, 2005
Worthington City Council has announced it will accept resumes from residents interested in serving on the Airport Advisory Board and the Noise Subcommittee regarding proposed expansion of Ohio State University's airport.

Letter to the Editor: Candidates share views on OSU Airport Expansion
Worthington News, November 2, 2005
A summary of Worthington City Council and Sharon Township Trustee candidate responses to the WOOSE 2005 Candidate Questionaire.

Airport Expansion Is Top Issue at Candidate Forum
the Worthington News (SNP), November 2, 2005
The top issue brought up by residents was the proposed expansion of Ohio State University's airport. Candidates were asked to state their views on the expansion and whether or not they supported a Part 150 noise study, which must meet Federal Aviation Administration standards, and an environmental-impact study.

Candidates Answer Questions on Economy, Other Issues
ThisWeek News , October 27, 2005
The 5 candidates for the 4 seats on Worthington City Council respond to 4 questions from ThisWeek News. Answers by each candidate to question #4 should be of interest to members and friends of WOOSE.

Don Scott Airport Committees Still Being Formed
the Worthington News (SNP), October 26, 2005
The two advisory committees for Ohio State University's Don Scott Airfield are still very much a work in progress. That will probably remain the case in the days leading up to their first meetings, tentatively scheduled for the second week in November. The committees, the Airport Advisory Board and Noise subcommittee, will be comprised of representatives from municipalities directly affected by the airport, as well as county and regional organizations.

Holmes Takes 'Fresh Look' at Budget, OSU Airport Issues
Worthington News (SNP), October 19, 2005
Since taking a seat on Worthington City Council in 2001, Douglas Holmes says, he has helped balance the city budget and bring to council's attention the possible Ohio State University airport expansion.

Small Planes Collide Over Ohio; 4 People Killed
Internet Broadcasting System Inc., October 14, 2005
RAVENNA, Ohio -- Four people were killed Friday when two small planes crashed in midair in Rootstown, Ohio, near Ravenna, the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed.

Council Mainstay Goorey Aims for Financial Stability
Worthington News (SNP), October 12, 2005
Lou Goorey may have started serving on Worthington City Council in 1973, but his passion for the city has only thrived in the past 32 years.

Goorey: 32 years and going strong
This Week Worthington, October 6, 2005
Lou Goorey, candidate for re-election to the Worthington City Council, comments on issues and his goals for Worthington. \"He remains concerned, but encouraged, about the air traffic over Worthington generated by Don Scott Field, and plans to expand the airport.\"

Duffy hopes to curb deficit spending, add housing
Worthington News, October 5, 2005
Michael Duffey, candidate for Worthington City Council, explains his stand on issues, including the Ohio State airport expansion.

Debate Continues Over Airport Expansion
The Worthington News, September 28, 2005
OSU Fiscal Affairs Committee indicates that memo item in capital improvement plan for Don Scott Field would still require specific approval from OSU board of trustee before construction could proceed. WOOSE\'s Hennen implores tableing item until new equipment\'s effect can be assessed.

Residents Grill OSU Dean on Airport Plans
ThisWeek Newspapers, August 25, 2005
Pointed questions were asked of the OSU dean of the College of Engineering, Wm \"Bud\" Baeslack, by a large number of area residents at a forum sponsored by the Northwest Civic Association. The podium was shared by Dennis Hennem, president of MOOSE.

OSU Airport Will Add Radar Systems, Form Committees
The Worthington News, August 24, 2005
At a form hosted by the Northwest Civic Association, it was announced that OSU\'s Don Scott Field will add a new radar system and form two advisory committees. Community members continued to express concern and closely questioned OSU Dean Bud Baeslack during the form.

2 killed in plane crash in S.C.: Dublin pilot traveling with men ¯critical¯
Columbus Dispatch, July 25, 2005
A dentist and a lawyer, both of Columbus and both fathers of two daughters, were killed and a Dublin man was critically injured after a single-engine plane crashed in Rock Hill, S.C., yesterday morning.

Plane Leaving Columbus Crashes; Kills Two
NBC 4, Columbus, OH, July 24, 2005
A single-engine plane leaving Ohio State's Don Scott Airport has crashed in South Carolina, killing two people and leaving another person in critical condition

Airport delay pleases residents
ThisWeek Worthington, July 21, 2005
Extension of the north runway at Don Scott Field will be deferred for two to three years and a noise analysis and response system will be set up to answer the complaints of Worthington area residents.

WOOSE: This is not a victory.
Worthington News, July 20, 2005
Although Ohio State University has decided to delay its project to extend the north runway and add jet hangars at Don Scott Airfield, Dennis Hennen wanted City Council to know that the work of his opposition group is not done.

OSU postpones plans to expand Don Scott Airfield
Worthington News, July 20, 2005
Ohio State University officials have postponed development of the university airport at Don Scott Airfield after closer review revealed more strategies need to be tried to minimize future noise.

Don Scott Field Decision: Worthington council told to keep fighting
Columbus Dispatch, July 19, 2005
Less than a week after Ohio State University announced it will delay plans to expand operations at Don Scott Field, there were no victory speeches or high-fives from the suburb that opposed those plans. In fact, the leader of the group that put up the biggest fight about the lengthening of a runway and addition of several jet hangars cautioned the Worthington City Council last night to keep fighting.

Surge in crashes scars air ambulance industry
USA Today, July 17, 2005
Since 2000, 60 people have died in 84 crashes ¯ more than double the number of crashes during the previous five years. During that period, more than 10% of the U.S. air ambulance helicopter fleet crashed. If commercial airlines lost the same proportion of large passenger jets as air ambulance companies lost helicopters, 90 airliners would crash each year.

OSU delays airport upgrades
Dispatch, July 14, 2005
Don Scott Field¯s neighbors expected battle at meeting; now, they get 2-year respite

Addition of hangars, deferral of runway extension recommended
OSU Press Release, July 13, 2005
OSU will defer building jet hangars and extending the runway and will implement a state-of-the-art noise complaint system.

OSU official recommends postponing runway expansion at Don Scott
Business First of Columbus, July 13, 2005
Ohio State University would not make a decision on extending the north runway at Don Scott Field for at least two to three years under a recommendation outlined by a university official Wednesday. However, opponents are still concerned.

Taft Appoints 3rd Real Estate Developer to OSU Board of Trustees
Press Release, July 1, 2005
Governor Bob Taft has appointed Robert H. Schottenstein, President and CEO of M/I Homes, to the Ohio State University Board of Trustees.

OSU seeks better way to handle airport noise complaints
Worthington News (SNP), June 22, 2005
The way noise complaints have been handled at the Ohio State University Airport is not the best, university officials said, but it is working on ways to improve the system.

Three Letters to the Editor Opposing Airport Expansion
ThisWeek Worthington, June 16, 2005
New 'microjets' would expand number of flights. Public vigilance needed to stop ill-advised expansion. Additional hangars lead to more flights.

Airport, traffic, bumpy streets top gripes
ThisWeek Worthington, June 16, 2005
Comments in Worthington's 2005 community attituted survey reveal many are opposed to the expansion of Don Scott Airport and support City Council's fight.

Cargo plane makes miracle landing in Fort Lauderdale neighborhood
Sun-Sentinel, June 14, 2005
A cargo plane suffering engine trouble slammed onto a residential street in northeast Fort Lauderdale, sliding 100 yards on its belly before skidding to a halt and exploding into a fireball. A coalition of community associations have fought Executive Airport's expansion, fearing this kind of accident. "This is our worst nightmare right here," she said. "We came very close to losing children in our community."

Runway Expansion Still Up in the Air
Dispatch, June 11, 2005
Possibility of new hangars for aircraft also worries critics. After planning for years to expand Don Scott Field, Ohio State University might be putting the brakes on building a longer runway.

Ban of older, noisy jets upheld by appeals court
Associated Press, June 5, 2005
Older, noisy jets can be banned from the skies over Naples to maintain quiet in the community, a federal appeals court said.

Letter to the Editor, Noise Complaints
ThisWeek News, June 2, 2005
Citizen submits noise complaints without response, concerned about noise problems.

Airplane Noise Hurts Kids' Reading and Memory
Forbes, June 2, 2005
Exposure to high levels of airplane noise may be linked to delayed reading abilities and memory problems among youngsters, a new study finds.

Public records reveal inside look at planning
ThisWeek News, May 19, 2005
WOOSE received the correspondence and other documents from Ohio State University and the FAA through public records requests. The article provides several excerpts. The public records are available on the WOOSE Web site, www.woose.org.

Ohio County Rejects DNL 65; Will Challenge Part 150 Process
Noise Regulation Report, May 19, 2005
Faced with the prospect of more noise from increased operations at nearby Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), the Hamilton County, Ohio, Board of Commissioners passed a resolution declaring that aircraft noise in excess of 55 dB is incompatible with low-density, single family residential land use. The County¯s action comes on the heels of a study it commissioned that concluded modeling conducted by the airport underestimates noise impacts on residents.

County to CVG: Keep it down
Cincinnati Post, May 5, 2005
Hamilton County commissioners are turning up the heat in the debate about noise over western portions of the county from flights at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Airport opponents discuss conflicts, quality of life
Worthington News (SNP), May 4, 2005
Members of WOOSE were the keynote speakers at the Old Worthington Association meeting, discussing property values, noise, and quality of life.

Letter to the Editor
Letters to the Editor, May 4, 2005
Three claims made by other letters to the editor are rebutted: Residents who bought near Don Scott Field should not complain, the airport is vital to our economy, and the alternative if the airport goes away could be worse.

Expansion foes behind noise-complaint system
Columbus Dispatch, April 29, 2005
A letter in response to OSU's misleading statements in an April 26, 2005 Dispatch article.

OSU Airport future remains cloudy
The Lantern, April 29, 2005
Dates to begin the planned expansion of OSU's Don Scott Airport remained uncertain yesterday while university and airport officials continued to finalize a federally required environmental assessment and keep up communications with concerned citizen groups. (Free Registration Required_

Group Says it Stalled OSU Airport Expansion Project
Columbus Dispatch, April 25, 2005
Construction might have been well under way had a campaign not been waged against development of Ohio State University's Don Scott Field airport, a citizens group says. Plans to extend the airport's north runway and add several hangars have been in the works for more than a decade. But since fall 2003 and the formation of the group, We Oppose the Ohio State (airport) Expansion, progress has been stalled.

OSU: New look at plans nearly done
ThisWeek Worthington, April 21, 2005
The university\'s revised assessment of the proposed expansion of Don Scott Field may be ready for public scrutiny this summer.

U.S. Congress, Led By Oxley, Flies in Style on Corporate Jets
Bloomberg (Bloomberg.com), April 21, 2005
Michael Oxley, a U.S. representative from Ohio best known as a promoter of good corporate governance, is making his mark on business in another way: He's the most frequent user of company jets among all 535 members of Congress.

Council asks OSU to address concerns
This Week Worthington, April 14, 2005
Worthington City Council Council stopped short of officially opposing the expansion, but voted on Monday to encourage the Ohio State University Board of Trustees to address recommendations spelled out in a report prepared by WOOSE.

Why doesn't OSU change landing approaches?
This Week Worthington, April 14, 2005
Letter to the Editor with a suggestion to OSU Airport on a way to control noise.

Airport Focus Has Changed
Letter to the Editor, April 13, 2005
Airport conditions have changed for the worst for Worthington over the past five years.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor, March 23, 2005
Three letters to the editor: Two on the noise from OSU Airport, one on the decreased property values airport noise causes.

WOOSE recommends better OSU response
Worthington News (SNP), March 9, 2005
A group that opposes the runway expansion of Ohio State University's Don Scott Field has put together an extensive report. We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion, or WOOSE, started work in August on the 128-page report that includes findings saying the expanded airport would decrease property values and tax revenues and a financial analysis of the airport and the aviation program. Several community issues also were addressed.

Data being analyzed for new environmental assessment on runway
Worthington News (SNP), March 2, 2005
Ohio State University has set no new time line on when its revised environmental assessment for a proposed airport runway extension will be ready.

Public Must Continue to Note Late Night Air Traffic
Letter to the Editor, March 2, 2005
Noise from Don Scott airport continues to disturb people. Complaints should be made at woose.org so future action can be taken.

OSU airport repair on hold until FAA report
The Lantern, February 15, 2005
The submission of the second draft of the Environmental Assessment for the Ohio State Airport at Don Scott Field has been pushed back from Feb. 1, to an unscheduled later date. "The second draft of the Environmental Assessment won't be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration until mid-March at the earliest," said William "Bud" Baeslack III, dean of the College of Engineering.

Airport review isn't completed on time by OSU
This Week Worthington, February 10, 2005
Ohio State University's analysis of the draft environmental assessment for the expansion of Don Scott Field was not completed last week as planned. Action on the plan by the OSU Board of Trustees was tentatively set for July.

[Deleware Municipal] Airport upgrades should attract business
SNP News, February 9, 2005
Delaware officials hope two grant applications they plan to submit to the Federal Aviation Administration later this year will move them closer to their goal of making the Delaware Municipal Airport one of Ohio's premier airfields.

Unease at the Ease of Private-Jet Flight
New York Times, February 8, 2005
The benefits -- and costs -- of the growing corporate business jet travel industry.

Analysis of draft airport assessment continuing
OSU Press Release, February 5, 2005
OSU announces that the release schedule has been pushed back for the planned update to their draft Environmental Assessment concerning Don Scott Airport expansion.

[Airport] Analysis won't be in the mail: Difficulty in the information gathering process puts off completion.
Worthington News (SNP), February 2, 2005
Changes to Ohio State University's draft environmental assessment for Don Scott Field are running behind schedule. In a release distributed Tuesday, Bud Baeslack, dean of the university's college of engineering, said the analysis, related to expansion plans for the north runway, will not be completed early this month as planned.

Council asks for more cuts to 2005 budget
ThisWeek Worthington, December 9, 2004
Worthington City Council discusses the 2005 budget, including expenditures for airport consulant Zoll.

Besides pilots, university, who supports expansion?
ThisWeek Worthington, December 2, 2004
WOOSE cites the lack of community support for OSU's airport.

Ohio State revisits impact report on expansion
ThisWeek Worthington, November 25, 2004
Under pressure from community groups and faced with a city-sponsored analysis poking holes in its Environmental Assessment (EA) data, Ohio State University officials have decided to write a second draft.

Airport has not proven to be a good neighbor
November 24, 2004
A resident who complained to the airport in past and was ignored fears expansion is only for corporate jets and will decrease safety.

Airport timeline altered again
The Lantern, November 22, 2004
The proposed timeline for the Ohio State's Don Scott Field extension project has been revised a second time, pushing it back another three months. "I think it's clearly wrong-headed to increase the activity of the airport," said Robert Chosey, a member of the Worthington City Council. "The bottom line is money and that's not an appropriate reason to create more difficulty for us."

Plane Crashes into Alum Creek; Pilot Survices
NBC4 News, November 14, 2004
A small plane crashed into Alum Creek Sunday afternoon, injuring the pilot and knocking out electricity to dozens of homes.

WOOSE reiterates why airport shouldn\'t expand
ThisWeek Worthington, November 11, 2004
A letter detailing why OSU should perform a full Environmental Impact Study before expanding the airport. A second letter questioning WOOSE\'s objectivity in running an aircraft complaint system.

OSU airport is vital part of community / Don Scott important to local economy
ThisWeek Worthington, November 4, 2004
Two letters to the editor in support of Don Scott airport.

FPD vs. 'Racket-eers'
The Free Lance-Star, October 23, 2004
Les Bromberg of the Vermont-based Noise Pollution Clearinghouse notes that homes located near airports lose up to 4 percent of their market value with each one-decibel increase in jet noise above 55 decibels.

University listens to Don Scott concerns
ThisWeek News, October 21, 2004
At two meetings last Thursday, OSU Dean of Engineering William Baeslack, university-hired noise consultants, and a representative of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publicly listened and answered questions of Worthington residents and consultants.

University says noise study done in standard way
Worthington News (SNP), October 20, 2004
A Federal Aviation Administration official stopped just shy of saying the FAA approved the integrated noise model used in Ohio State University's noise study related to a north runway expansion at Don Scott Airport before it was used.... Zoll addressed Worthington City Council last week and said the OSU study was flawed due to inaccurate assumptions on the rate at which noisier aircraft in the Don Scott fleet would be retired.

Zoll: Airport study flawed
Worthington News (SNP), October 20, 2004
David Zoll, the attorney hired by the city of Worthington to address the north runway expansion at Ohio State University Airport, told city officials the university's draft environmental assessment is flawed.

Dean: OSU seeking input
Worthington News (SNP), October 20, 2004
Ohio State University's dean of the college of engineering said OSU wants to keep community members involved in plans for a north runway expansion at Don Scott Airport. The expansion has generated controversy, particularly in Worthington, out of fears of increased noise, a potential decrease in property values and concerns over quality-of-life issues.

Airport extension angers locals
The Lantern, October 18, 2004
Residents' concerns dominated a public workshop Ohio State held Thursday evening about the Don Scott Field airport extension project. [Free registration required for access.]

Study rebuts OSU claims on airport noise
ThisWeek Worthington, October 15, 2004
The expansion of Don Scott Field will mean more air traffic over Worthington and it will be louder and flying lower than projected in an environmental assessment prepared by airport consultants.

Heated discussions focus on Don Scott
Columbus Dispatch, October 15, 2004
Two meetings yielded an information bonanza yesterday for those concerned about Ohio State University's plan to lengthen a runway at Don Scott Field. In a three-hour, largely technical meeting of the airport advisory committee, Worthington consultants clashed with OSU's noise consultants over findings that doubling the airport's north runway would not significantly harm the surrounding community.

Don Scott Field: The Situation so Far
ThisWeek Worthington, October 14, 2004
Editorial Cartoon

Noise analysis to go to FAA
Worthington News (SNP), October 13, 2004
Council was expected to hear consultant David Zoll's report on his noise analysis. They expect the results will show an impact signifigant enough to require more study.

OSU officials uncooperative in release of airport papers
October 13, 2004
OSU continues to delay and hinder the release of requested documents. WOOSE announces a new section on their website (woose.org) containing released documents.

Some Call Study To Expand Airport 'Flawed'
WCMH-TV NBC 4, October 13, 2004
Ohio State University owns the airport, and a spokeswoman said that the expansion plans should not hurt anyone. Yet experts hired by the city of Worthington conducted a study and said the expansion would hurt the environment.

City Disputes Impact of Don Scott Expansion
WBNS-10TV Columbus, October 13, 2004
The city of Worthington is finding fault with an Ohio State University study about how expanding Don Scott Field would impact residents. (Video included.)

OSU's runway study flawed, consultant says
Columbus Dispatch, October 13, 2004
Worthington's legal consultant called a study of Don Scott Field by Ohio State University consultants incomplete and "fatally flawed" and recommended that the university conduct a more thorough environmental-impact study before it considers airport expansion.

Pilot inattention cited in plane collision
Cincinnati Enquirer, October 12, 2004
Pilot inattention caused two single-engine planes to collide in mid-air Sunday at the Cincinnati West Airport.

OSU trustees learn city has airport concerns
ThisWeek News, September 30, 2004
Worthington officials are satisfied that The Ohio State University board of trustees heard their message about Don Scott Field last week.

A longtime resident hails council, hometown (Letter to the Editor)
ThisWeek Worthington, September 30, 2004
A life-long Worthington resident thanks council for their concern on the OSU airport issue. See 2nd letter on the linked page.

Council funds study of OSU airport data
ThisWeek Worthington, September 23, 2004
The city of Worthington will pay its aviation consultants an additional $40,000 to analyze an Ohio State University report on the impact of the proposed expansion of Don Scott Field.

OSU Trustees to Consider Concerns of Worthington
Columbus Dispatch, September 23, 2004
Worthington residents and City Council members left a meeting of Ohio State University trustees yesterday satisfied that their concerns about extending a Don Scott Field runway had been heard.

Plane sense: Airport expansion a mistake
The Lantern, September 22, 2004
Opinion peice. Ultimately, the potential for additional air traffic and noise problems in Worthington greatly outweighs the benefits the unnecessary addition would give to corporations and Ohio State. [Free registration required for access.]

Worthington OKs Study of OSU's Data on Don Scott Field
Columbus Dispatch, September 21, 2004
In an expected vote, the Worthington City Council will pay its aviation consultants an additional $40,000 to scrutinize Ohio State University's study of the proposed lengthening of a runway at Don Scott Field.

Suburb perturbed over Don Scott extension
The Lantern, September 20, 2004
Many Worthington residents are still not happy after an updated proposal from the university to extend the runway at Don Scott Field. [Free registration required to read.]

Council questions report on OSU airport
ThisWeek Worthington, September 16, 2004
Ohio State University and Don Scott officials finally came face-to-face with Worthington City Council on Monday night, and at least some council members are not pleased with what they heard. After listening to a lengthy report on impacts of a proposed expansion of the OSU airport -- nearly all them positive -- council members said they were disappointed that university officials and consultants did not take into consideration the concerns of residents of the city of Worthington.

Don Scott Airport should consider relocation
ThisWeek Worthington, September 16, 2004
Letter to the editor from a 35 year Worthington resident detailing how the airport has expanded over the years, and how a move of the airport could benefit us all.

City questions runway impact
Worthington News (SNP), September 15, 2004
"Aligning a Don Scott runway expansion with Ohio State University's educational mission flew better on campus than it did in Worthington City Council chambers." Bud Baeslack of OSU gave a presentation to council and answered the questions and concerns of council and citizens.

Airport advertises itself as corporate gateway
September 15, 2004
Letter to the editor on how the Don Scott airport is advertising itself as a corporate gateway, despite recent claims from OSU officials to the contrary.

OSU Trustees Hear Opinions On Runway-Expansion Issue: Noise is unbearable, opposition group says
The Columbus Dispatch, September 11, 2004
For the first time, a group of OSU trustees listened to both sides in the debate over Ohio State University's plan to lengthen a runway at its busy airport. The four trustees, members of the university's Facilities Planning Committee, yesterday heard from residents who say jet noise has become intolerable in neighborhoods near the Northwest Side airport.

Runway extension study results expected in September
Worthington News (SNP), August 25, 2004
Results of an environmental assessment and noise study on a proposed runway extension at Don Scott Airport are expected in September. Elizabeth Conlisk, assistant vice president for media relations at Ohio State University, said data from the study should provide answers to many questions about the project. There will be opportunities for public input.

Latest airport spokesman raises even more concerns
August 25, 2004
Letter to the editor concerning OSU's latest spokesperson, how it is unlikely expansion ties into accademics, and talk of the Board's secret July 9th meeting.

Co-Pilot Killed, Pilot Hurt In Plane Crash Near CVG
Cincinnati, August 13, 2004
A twin-engine turbo-prop plane carrying two people crashed less than one mile from the Cincinati airport, killing one. Residents voice their ongoing concerns on how low the flights are, one saying "you can see the passengers, they wave to you."

Delaware Municipal Airport will receive federal, state funding
ThisWeek Deleware, August 12, 2004
The Deleware Municipal airport, a short distance from Don Scott, is undergoing it's own expansion that will include doubling it's runway length and attracting private investors to increase hangar space.

An Inclusive Approach to Noise Planning and Analysis
Wyle Laboratories, August 1, 2004
A report from Wyle Laboratories (subcontracters to do part of the Don Scott Field noise study) reporting that it is a good idea to be forthright and honest with all noise data and go beyond the FAA minimums.

Airport Opposition Group Presents 1,200 Signatures
Worthington News (SNP), July 28, 2004
WOOSE presented Worthington City Council with 1,200 signatures to show the community's opposition to OSU airport expansion. A council member reports the council is still in an information gathering mode but have noticed the concerns of citizens.

Letters to the Editor
July 21, 2004
Two letters against expansion.

Noise study is called inadequate, misleading
ThisWeek Worthington, July 15, 2004
A letter to the editor concerning the inadequacy of the noise study data and the fact that the airport is planning growth well beyond a simple runway expansion.

OSU says meetings OK; others not so sure: Experts contend that trustees¯ approach to Sunshine Law could imperil actions
Columbus Dispatch, July 13, 2004
Report on OSU's secret board meetings. OSU contends that these meetings are legal, even though discussion of issues take place, including one-on-one discussions between OSU president and board members. One trustee stated that decisions never reach the board table unless a unanimous vote is guaranteed. Every vote has been unanimous for over seven years. Several experts contend the meetings are clearly illegal.

Secret OSU board meetings questioned: Briefing sessions may be violation of Sunshine Law
Columbus Dispatch, July 10, 2004
Before a recent Board of Trustees meeting OSU President Holbrook met with board members to "brief" them on various topics, including opposition to expansion at OSU's Don Scott Field. These meetings are likely illegal.

Runway expansion under fire: Worthington, OSU dispute data on Don Scott Field
Columbus Dispatch, July 8, 2004
The consultants hired by Worthington dispute the validity of the data prepared for the OSU Airport noise study. They also question the "purpose and need" for the expansion.

Ohio State turns deaf ear to airport noise complaints
Dispatch, July 3, 2004
Mary Jo Cusack, Mayor of Riverlea, responds to OSU public relations representative Elizabeth Conlisk's June 12, 2004 letter to the editor. Cusack rebutts many of Conlisk's claims.

Airport data to go online Wednesday
ThisWeek Worthington, June 18, 2004
Data that will be used to determine the future of the Ohio State University airport were to go online for public viewing on Wednesday. Though much of the information is technical in nature, the Web site will include a summary written in lay terms to help residents understand what is happening. The information will be reviewed by an advisory group that will meet June 23 at 10 a.m. at the airport.

Noise Study Favors Airport
Columbus Dispatch, June 18, 2004
Report on early noise study data showing that results are favorable to the airport. Citizens comments on the report. Several good charts and a map with data from the report. Reprinted by permission of the Columbus Dispatch.

Study results expected to hit the Web today
Worthington News (SNP), June 16, 2004
Preliminary noise study data will be posted to the OSU airport website Wednesday. The reasons for, and potential harm to the comuninty of, run way expansion is discussed.

Noise Readings Part of Airport Debate
Columbus Dispatch, June 13, 2004
Review of the upcoming noise study data and airport advisory meeting and public reaction. Reprinted by permission of the Columbus Dispatch.

OSU to keep airport neighbors informed on expansion
Dispatch, June 12, 2004
Elizabeth Conlisk of OSU media relations responds to Dennis Hennen's May 22 letter to the editor. She puts forth that OSU is keeping neighbors in the loop and that it is still too early to take action.

Zoll updates council on airport plans
ThisWeek News, June 10, 2004
Zoll presented a brief update on the airports noise study. Residents voice concerns about the inability to talk with OSU and a possibly illegal use of airport funds.

Findings of noise study to be released
Worthington News (SNP), June 9, 2004
Worthington Consultant David Zoll briefed City Council on the upcoming noise study results. Citizens and council voiced concerns that OSU is could be more forthcoming with information about the expansion.

OSU's silence on airport is maddening
The Columbus Dispatch, May 22, 2004
The Ohio State University continues to keep the community in the dark concerning important information about expanding Don Scott Field. Hammon's actions contradict Holbrook's words, as well as the airport's mission statement, to operate and manage the facility in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding community.

Don Scott Airport Expansion Radio Report
WOSU AM, May 17, 2004
Balanced report on Don Scott Airport expansion covering the concerns of local citizens, views from two independent consultants, and the current position of the University.

3 Letters concerning Aiport expansion and OWA Public Forum
This Week Worthington, May 6, 2004
Airport expansion issue critical for quality of life, OSU is keeping us in dark on expansion,OSU shows contempt for Worthington residents

Don Scott expansion debated at Monday meeting
ThisWeek Worthington , April 29, 2004
Old Worthington Association hosts a public forum on the proposed expansion of OSU Don Scott Airport at their annual meeting. Representatives FOR and AGAINST the proposed expansion made presentations and took questions.

OSU Airport future remains cloudy
The Lantern, April 29, 2004
Dates to begin the planned expansion of OSU's Don Scott Airport remained uncertain yesterday while university and airport officials continued to finalize a federally required environmental assessment and keep up communications with concerned citizen groups.

WOOSE group hopes to get 1,000 signatures
ThisWeek News, April 15, 2004
WOOSE - We Oppose Ohio State (University Airport) Expansion - kicked off the 2004 Petition Drive on April 4. Our goal is to collect more than 1,000 signatures opposing the expansion of OSU Don Scott Airport by May 1.

Study: Airports may soon be overcrowded
USA Today, March 28, 2004
The FAA reports that more than three dozen U.S. commercial airports will be unable to handle their air traffic by 2020 unless they are expanded. The only airport on this list in Ohio is the Cincinatti airport. No airports in central Ohio, including Port Columbus or Don Scott are listed as needed expansion.

Cross-Examining Corporate-Jet Safety
Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2004
Universal case underscores concerns about small planes and level of FAA oversight.

Don Scott traffic less than in 1990
ThisWeek News, March 11, 2004
The number of flights into Don Scott Field may actually have decreased over the past decade, a fact that could make it difficult to make a case for expansion of the airport.

Air traffic headaches felt beyond city limits
ThisWeek News, March 11, 2004
Concern about noise and pollution created by Don Scott Field reverberates far beyond the Worthington city limits. Residents of Northwest Columbus and Dublin are beginning to hear about Worthington's involvement in the issues surrounding the Ohio State University airport, and are asking that their voices be heard.

Question concerning the airport's mission posed to Karen Holbrook.
Open Line with Fred Andrle, WOSU AM, March 8, 2004
A question posed to Ohio State University's President Karen Holbrook on the educational and teaching mission of Don Scott Field, and how the expansion will fit into this misison.

Noise monitors 'put a finger on' what ears can't
Worthington News (SNP), February 25, 2004
Worthington residents Ed and Meg Lentz are used to hearing aircraft flying over their house. So when the couple was told a noise-monitoring device would be placed in their backyard as part of the OSU's airport noise study, the couple was more than willing to share their information.

Conflicting airspace contributes to noise
Worthington News (SNP), December 10, 2003
The conflicting flight paths of the Port Columbus and Don Scott airports may be one of the main reasons residents of Worthington are hearing planes fly through their living rooms.

NWCA, residents butt heads over planned airport expansion
Northwest News, November 12, 2003
The Northwest Civic Association will continue to support the controversial runway expansion proposed by the Ohio State University Airport despite pleas from area neighbors for the association to reconsider.

City wants residents to help track planes' noise
Worthington News (SNP), November 5, 2003
The city of Worthington is setting up a system to track and record noise complaints from residents concerned about a propsed expansion of the OSU Airport at Don Scott Airfield.

Worthington Residents Organize Against OSU Airport Expansion
ThisWeek Worthington, October 2, 2003
Worthington residents are forming an organized effort to oppose the potential expansion of the Ohio State University Airport (Don Scott). Several residents gathered Tuesday night at Scottie MacBean to discuss their concerns. By the end of the meeting, petitions were signed, a regular meeting on the third Tuesday of each month starting Oct. 21 was set and $119 was collected to go toward yard signs and a Web site. (sorry, pictures did not transfer)

OSU mulls future of site at Scott field
The Lantern, April 13, 2000
If the northern runway of Ohio State's Don Scott Field were expanded, "the possibility of dangerous sound levels for students, operators and animals [at the surrounding agricultural facitlities] could be a problem."

Airport lot saved due to protesters
The Lantern, July 30, 1998
A group of concerned students and professors were able to stop the commercial and residential development of land at Don Scott Field important to several OSU accademic departments. Development of the Don Scott plan was delayed because of "internal conflicts between university departments concerning which departments will be able to use the land."

Don Scott land use discussed
The Lantern, April 28, 1998
Local civic groups oppose commercial and retial development of properties owned by Don Scott field. Health, safety, and noise concerns were among those cited.

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