Question concerning the airport's mission posed to Karen Holbrook.

Open Line with Fred Andrle, WOSU AM, March 8, 2004

Below is the transcript of a question posed to Ohio State's (OSU) President Karen Holbrook on the educational and teaching mission of Don Scott Field, and how the expansion will fit into this misison. This is from the Openline program on WOSU 820 AM.

You can listen to the conversation by following on of these two links:

Fred Andrle: Dennis is here, go ahead..

Dennis: Hi, I'm with a group of area residents concerned about how expansion of the OSU airport is going to affect us. My question is how does the airport's proposed expansion and its current configuration fit in with the university and the airport's mission as a teaching facility?

Karen Holbrook: The airport, as you know, is part of our Aeronautical Engineering program. We use that airport for that, and there are also other university resources related to the airport. Have you seen the website?

Dennis: Yes, I have.

Holbrook: Yeah, I would say that is your best source of information, uh, on what's going on with the airport and how it's being looked into right now. But it is a facility that is part of an academic program at Ohio State.

Andrle: Yes, Dennis, what are your concerns?

Dennis: Well my concern is that, you know, reviewing the website, that their emphasis on this expansion seems to be more economic than teaching, and, various residents question whether the need is there with so many other commercial-emphasis airports in the area.

Holbrook: I would ask that question at one of the town meetings that you have, and we have university representatives there, and I think it would be a great question for you to ask.