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Letters to the Editor, March 23, 2005


To the Editor:

In response to Robert Gunderman's letter (Worthington News), the fact that he does not hear aircraft at his location is surprising. There are numerous complaints from surrounding homes in the Worthington and We Oppose OSU Airport Expansion aircraft complaint systems.

Mrs. Weislogel was a private pilot for many years, and I believe she has the expertise to discern the difference between a jet and a helicopter, although I think we all agree the life-flights based at the airport are a valuable service to our community.

Studies show traffic and railroad noise are much less disturbing to most individuals than aircraft noise.

Yet ODOT is building noise walls around the northern part of Interstate 270 and the city of Worthington has plans to build railroad crossing warning signals at Wilson Bridge, Worthington-Galena and Schrock roads to establish a quiet zone.

What is the OSU Airport doing to mitigate its noise problems?

Dennis S. Hennen
WOOSE President-Elect


To the Editor:

How many metropolitan areas do you know of that have some of their most expensive real estate at the edge of a major airport, directly under the flight path of landing and departing aircraft?

The Ohio State University's continued development of its "Central Ohio's Corporate Gateway" puts billions of dollars of personal investment in our homes at risk. To date, the only relevant risk analysis OSU has announced is an environmental assessment that predicts noise in excess of 65 decibels.

The Federal Aviation Administration uses this threshold to determine if homes qualify for federal assistance for sound insulation. The fact that homes decrease in market value due to aircraft noise is well documented in the technical literature and totally ignored by OSU.

As the recently released WOOSE report reveals, an expanded airport will result in millions of dollars of lost property values and tax revenues. OSU needs to show airport neighbors why an expanded airport is worth their sacrifice.

I urge everyone to review the WOOSE report at woose.org or at your local library so you can fully understand the ramifications of an expanded airport.

Allan Chace


To the Editor:

I agree with Jane Weislogel about the noise of the planes going to Don Scott Field.

My back yard is in the flight path. The planes go over my house loud and low.

One evening, one vibrated the sofa I was sitting on. I often have to straighten the pictures on my walls because of the vibration.

These planes are not helicopters. Anyone could tell the difference in noise. When I'm up at night they come in loud and low at all hours.

We can complain to Don Scott or OSU, but money talks -- so save your breath.

Betty Combs

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