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woose.org: Media - Expansion foes behind noise-complaint system
Expansion foes behind noise-complaint system
Columbus Dispatch, April 29, 2005

I respond to statements made by Ohio State University in Tuesdays Dispatch article, "Group says it stalled OSU airport-expansion project," on the proposed expansion of Don Scott Field.

The article indicates airport director Doug Hammon agreed to create a noise-complaint system. The group, We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion, or WOOSE, created this system in November. After long delays, only recently did Hammon agree to accept the complaints. Further, only those complaints confirmed by three or more individuals are forwarded, not all complaints.

Airport expansion will not significantly improve safety. OSU has stated the airport is safe as is for current and future use. In fact, the proposed removal of a cross-wind runway will make landings less safe for smaller aircraft in some conditions.

Airport expansion will not improve academics. The airport agrees that academics will not be hurt without expansion. WOOSE supports updated facilities and classrooms that would benefit students. However, a longer runway helps only jets, yet no jet pilots train at Don Scott.

Airport expansion may cause greater use of the north runway. However, runway choice is usually at the discretion of the pilot, and most will likely continue to use the south runway, which is closer to existing facilities and the terminal.

Finally, airport expansion will allow the airport to better serve its customers. New T-hangars for small aircraft are acceptable. However, new hangars for corporate jets are not. A longer runway allows the largest jets to take on more fuel. Since fuel sales make up 80 percent of the airports profits, the expansion seems economically motivated. Readers wishing to find out more can visit our Web site www.woose.org.

Dennis S. Hennen
President of WOOSE

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