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Letter to the Editor
Letters to the Editor, May 4, 2005

Recent letters have made three claims: Residents who bought near Don
Scott Field should not complain, the airport is vital to our economy,
and the alternative if the airport goes away could be worse.

The airport expansion has yet to be approved. It is perfectly
reasonable for those citizens near the airport to voice their concerns

Many lived here long before the airport began getting so noisy. These
residents have been raising complaints to OSU for over twenty years,
only to be ignored.

Many others did their research before moving here. I previously
lived directly west of the south runway, and therefore knew first-hand
about the airport. When I moved, I carefully looked for railroads,
farms (and their associated odors) and proximity to the airport. I
believed I was sufficiently far enough away to be spared from these.

Don Scott is the fifth-busiest airport in the state. It is difficult
for laymen to realize the noise that can come from, what on the map,
seems to be a small airport, and how large an area can be impacted.

OSU says the airport is for teaching and research. Their push for
corporate customers -- among the loudest -- does not follow the
University's mission. While Don Scott continues to operate outside of
its mission, every one of us has the right to complain.

In its report, WOOSE carefully analyzed the economic studies and found
flaws in each that over-estimate the airport's economic contributions.
Those reports fail to consider the losses that result from depressed
home values and other economic factors.

Many fear the airport property will be over-developed if the airport
left. However, FAA restrictions make it a near-certainty that it will
remain for at least another 20 years.

OSU is still looking into developing land they own that surrounds the
airport. Plans revealed so far range from office space to residential
along already-congested 161. Development is likely coming regardless
of expansion.

For over twenty years the the management of Don Scott field has moved
the airport progressively further from its academic mission and into
the lucrative aviation industry. It is time for the OSU Board of
Trustees to step up and rein in the airport and to bring its
concentration back to academics where it belongs. I support the
airport in its academic and humanitarian missions -- all I ask is that
it become a responsible neighbor.

Dennis S. Hennen
WOOSE President

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