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Letter to the Editor, Noise Complaints
ThisWeek News, June 2, 2005

I am a resident of the Misty Meadows subdivision which lies directly west of your airport runway. After years of exasperation, I have begun tracking large, loud aircraft over my home on a daily basis. On Friday, May 20, 2005, I recorded 26 large, loud, low aircraft in one day. Also, since I have begun recording complaints via the WOOSE complaint system a few months ago, I have been notified that 7 of my complaints have been confirmed by 3 or more people. Mr. Doug Hammon has said that he will respond to "confirmed complaints"; to date no response has been forthcoming.

I suppose it is easy for those of you sitting in your ivory tower to dismiss the complaints of the little people you are disturbing on a daily basis. There are times when I cannot hear telephone conversations because the jets coming into the airport are so low and so loud. As I do business at home daily, the excessive noise is not conducive to my livelihood. I am also concerned about how this is affecting my property values. When I moved into my home nine years ago, I actually enjoyed the small craft flying in and out of the airport. However, within the last three to four years, the airport has become extremely disruptive to the area. My neighbors complain, I complain, but no one from airport management takes the time to respond to our concerns.

I would be more than happy to allow Mr. Hammon and his cohorts to install a decibel meter in my backyard for a week or so. Of course, no one is going to do this because the tests being done by Don Scott are slanted toward expanding the north runway. This expansion will only exacerbate the problems with noise and additional aircraft flying in and out of Don Scott on a daily basis. I personally cannot handle much more; 26 loud, low aircraft in one day is about my limit. Is it going to be necessary for me to sell my home in order to live in peace again?

It is now 2:30pm, May 24, 2005. Since 10:30am today, I have already recorded 10 large, low, loud aircraft over my home. When the "fleet" comes in beginning around 4:00pm, I anticipate logging several more. I have also received 2 confirmed complaint notifications today alone.

Don Scott airport need not ever call itself a good neighbor. People complain that if the airport weren't there, new development would encroach upon the area. These people are obviously na¯ve enough to believe that if Don Scott wishes to develop the farm land off Sawmill Road in the future, they will do so regardless of the wishes of the neighbors in the area.

OSU and Don Scott say that misinformation is being provided via the WOOSE organization. My take is that Don Scott and OSU are the ones providing the misinformation. They are doing their level best to minimize the impact of the WOOSE organization and community complaints. This is corporate greed at its worst.

Many of the pilots flying smaller multi-prop aircraft into the airport have a "dive bomber" mentality. There are times that I feel like I am in the middle of World War II during the Blitz. Most of these flights come in the middle of the night since "pilots make the decision" on which runway to use and no one is on duty at the airport between 11pm and 7am. How long is it going to be before one of these pilots makes a fatal error and crashes in the middle of a neighborhood. If they cannot use enough sense to come in at a reasonable speed during overnight hours, how can we expect them to be responsible enough to avoid what is a tragedy waiting to happen?

If Don Scott and OSU are so concerned about being good neighbors, why are they so adverse to doing the environmental impact study (EIS). The answer to this is simple, Don Scott and OSU are looking out for their pocketbooks, not for the people of the communities surrounding it. If Don Scott airport is so neighborly, why was an organization like WOOSE started in the first place? It is apparent that many people who are living with the current airport noise are upset or no one would be opposing the expansion of the north runway.

This blurb from the WOOSE website pretty much says it all. "The proposed expansion of the OSU airport has created controversy. The OSU Airport has chosen to conduct and report the minimum environmental and noise testing required by the FAA. This means noise averaging has been reported rather than other readily available metrics that more accurately reflect actual aircraft noise on our communities."

Pay attention Ohio State University and Don Scott airport, we are not going to stop fighting for a full blown EIS. It is what we deserve as a community and it is what we will continue to strive to achieve.

Nancy A. Marshall
Dublin, OH

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