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LETTER: Airport expansion goals have not changed at all
Worthington News, SNP , March 1, 2006

To the Editor:
The city of Worthington¯s representative to the Ohio State University Airport Advisory Committee shared his first report with City Council on Tuesday evening.

It was clear that in spite of a postponement of the proposed expansion of Don Scott Airport, the University continues to make incremental improvements to the airport and is working on land transfer agreements with the state and the FAA that will position the airport for the expansion they plan, including the extension of the north runway.

I believe that the piecemeal process they have followed over the years, and are continuing to follow, is intended to move the process forward without a great deal of scrutiny.

It is my hope that the newly formed Advisory and Noise Committees will have an effective role in determining the future of the airport ¯ a future that will be in the best interest of the surrounding communities. But frankly, at this point it seems like business as usual.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about relationships and cooperation between residents and the OSU Airport, however we need to keep several key points in mind, as they have not changed.

There is a compelling need for a ¯New¯ Part 150 Noise Study to help us understand and scrutinize current noise problems as well a future impacts caused by and expansion. The current model OSU insists on using is over a decade old. The EA that was performed is inadequate.

An Environmental Impact Study needs to be performed.

Lastly, there is one enduring reality for Worthington, should the full expansion plan as it exists today be implemented: jets large enough to carry 16-18 passengers will fly just 700 feet over the intersection of Route 161 and High Street.

No amount fancy footwork and study will ever change that fact.

Tony Pello

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