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woose.org: Media - OSU Airport expansion not slowing down at all
OSU Airport expansion not slowing down at all
Worthington News (SNP), March 15, 2006

There have been several meetings of the newly formed OSU Airport Advisory Board, Noise Committee, and subcommittees. Topics have concentrated on educating committee members and looking at noise issues. While progress is slow, we remain convinced we will find solutions to reduce airport noise.

We are also hopeful that the University will heed the call of Worthington, Riverlea, and others and conduct a full Part 150 Noise Study to put teeth into any noise mitigation measures they propose.

The installation of OSU's aircraft tracking system has been delayed. Therefore, we ask thaty you continue to submit noise complaints to www.WOOSE.org. Valuable data continues to be collected from this system.

However, efforts by the FAA and University to expand the airport continue. On March 3rd, the OSU Board of Trustees approved airport improvements that makes room for future hangar expansion.

We have also found that the University has been working with the FAA for over four years on a complicated land deal concerning University owned properties surrounding the airport.

The purpose of this deal is to free up land bordering 161 for development. However, this deal also assumes the cross-wind runway will be closed and the north runway will be expanded.

The Board of Trustees will vote on this deal on April 7th. We fear that this is just a continuation of the process by the FAA and University to break the larger expansion into many small pieces, each of which on their own can receive approval without consideration of the whole project and its associated impacts.

If you share our concerns, we ask that you contact the University Board of Trustees and your elected representatives. Educated yourself at www.WOOSE.org. And join us on April 7th. We need your help to convince the University and the FAA to evaluate the entire expansion and to stop segmenting the process.

Jane Weislogel, vice president
We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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