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Letter: You decide if OSU is acting in good faith
ThisWeek Worthington, June 15, 2006


The actions of OSU and the airport over the past few months have brought the issues of good faith and trust into question.

In April 2005, the airport pledges to respond to all noise complaints submitted through WOOSE. To date only a small fraction have received a response.

In early 2006, we are told the airport's Environmental Assessment is on hold. This was clearly a surprise to FAA representatives in an April meeting.

In February 2006, the Airport Advisory Board (AAB) is told that the Airport Layout Plan has received tentative FAA approval. In March, the university tells Worthington the plan has not been submitted for formal approval.

In March, the OSU Board of Trustees is told that a complex deal is necessary for the university to use land surrounding the airport. In late March the AAB is told the deal is not necessary.

In May, OSU hosts the SAFECON competition. Concern about the event prompted OSU to say it should not be here again anytime soon. OSU Airport's June newsletter states the event will return next year.

In May, MedFlight promises not to fly noisy Stage 2 jets into OSU between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Thus far, this promise has been broken three times. The additional noise created by Stage 2 jets is staggering.

On June 1, the university reports MedFlight is basing a Stage 2 jet at OSU for two weeks because Port Columbus does not have room. The next day, two Port Columbus operators tell us they could accommodate MedFlight.

The university has said it is not trying to grow its corporate business. Yet the June edition of Columbus CEO magazine contains another airport advertisement targeted at corporate users.

Now the university tells us there is not enough to discuss and has canceled the June Advisory Board and Noise Committee meetings.

Are these the actions of a good neighbor? Whom do you trust?

Dennis S. Hennen

President of We Oppose

Ohio State airport Expansion

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