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woose.org: Media - LETTER: WOOSE awaiting OSU's comments on new report
LETTER: WOOSE awaiting OSU's comments on new report
Worthington News (SNP), July 26, 2006

WOOSE awaiting OSU¯s comments on new report

To the Editor:
Last week¯s news article concerned the release of the WOOSE Report ¯Volume 2 Implications of the Don Scott Field Plans¯ left us, the report writers, and WOOSE still waiting for an official Ohio State University (OSU) response to the report¯s recommendations.

The ¯top criticism in the report¯ referred to the lack of a business plan, the fact that OSU Airport has operated since 1959 without a business plan was identified in the February 2005 WOOSE Report, Volume 1.

In September 2004, the College of Engineering Dean stated ¯a business plan is being developed and one does not now exist¯.

Since that time, the OSU Board of Trustees has made no action to approve an airport business plan.

The report identified 13 of the 47 Don Scott Field District land parcels where the Franklin County Auditor recently reduced their market value by a total of $6.8 million.

OSU has a fiduciary responsibility to determine why there has been a reduction and correct, if it can, the condition(s) that cause the reduction.

In the area of governance, the OSU Airport-based ¯ non-profit medical transport company MedFlight and its relationship with OSU was discussed. Several items of concern included a $381,000 interest free loan made by OSU to MedFlight and the lack of discussion or approval of the interest free loan or other loans to MedFlight by the OSU Board of Trustees.

The OSU Airport external relation manager¯s comment ¯We haven¯t decided if it¯s worth our time¯ in regards to whether OSU would respond to the WOOSE Report has left us speechless.

As always, WOOSE invites anyone to provide documentation refuting our assertions.

When errors have been demonstrated, WOOSE has issued public corrections and will continue using this standard.

WOOSE has extended this invitation to the university in the past and they have yet to take us up on the offer.

We recommend OSU review this report which covers many issues and publish a written response. WOOSE invites the public to read the report at woose.org and draw their own conclusions.

Ed Lentz and John O¯Keeffe
Board members We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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