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Letter: OSU needs to get facts straight on flight data
The Worthington News (SNP), March 22, 2006

Dear Editor:

Recently I attended my second OSU Airport Noise Advisory Committee meeting
in three months and received an interesting reply to a aircraft noise
complaint from OSU Airport

The March 14th meeting's main focus was on the airport management system
called AirScene that OSU has purchased from Rannoch, which is also used at
Cincinnati's Lunken Airport. This system is supposed to have a very high
degree of accuracy and its Internet component will enable visitors to view
air traffic in near-real time. It appears this system will enable OSU to
respond to aircraft noise complaints quite quickly, though I am not sure
when this is all going to come together. The terms "late Spring" and "early
Summer" were used for system implementation dates.

I sincerely hope OSU installs AirScene as soon as possible due to a recent
response to a noise complaint I filed. My complaint indicated a jet had
flown over my house on a Sunday morning (March 12th) at 8:40 am (cable
time). OSU's reply stated a multi propeller plane had operated at 8:45 am
on March 13th (Monday).

I looked up OSU Airport activity on the FlightAware web site and it appears
a Beechcraft jet departed OSU Airport at 8:39 am on Sunday March 12th.
This information was included in a follow up complaint in the hope OSU
Airport will avail itself of public information when responding to aircraft
noise complaints and get their dates correct.

John O'Keeffe

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