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woose.org: Media - letter: Airport complaints must stay out in the open
letter: Airport complaints must stay out in the open
The Worthington News (SNP), September 27, 2006


To the Editor:

Why it that WOOSE is trying to operate in secret? Is to avoid accountability by those who are making complaints, or is it to give cover for some wealthy residents who want to feel privileged?

A request for anonymity is an offence that violates a major principal that we should be holding sacred: that of free speech.

Many in this community have served in a capacity to protect that right.

Elected government officials, law enforcement officers, military, lawyers, and public and private figures have fought or acted to defend that right.

That includes the Worthington City Council and the city staff.

The right of free speech says that we don¯t have to like what someone says but we must defend their right to say it.

City Council must do its business in the sunshine. So why shouldn¯t all of our residents? They should.

And all of us should hope that persons on each side of an issue exhibit restraint in their right to have free speech.

Courtney Chapman

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