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woose.org: Media - letter: WOOSE complaint system now updated
letter: WOOSE complaint system now updated
The Worthington News (SNP), October 4, 2006


To the Editor:

At the May Airport Advisory and Noise Committee meeting WOOSE asked why residents were no longer receiving responses to complaints submitted via the WOOSE system. OSU Airport External Manager, Cathy Ferrari, indicated "she prioritized complaints, answering those from people who call in and identify themselves. She said she did try to answer WOOSE complaints, but gives the priority to those who call."

In September Ms. Ferrari informed WOOSE that as of March 2006 she stopped responding to ALL complaints submitted via the WOOSE system. Ms. Ferrari gave two reasons: 1) OSU received public criticism of their responses and 2) the complaints submitted via WOOSE are forwarded to OSU anonymously- without personal identifiers, such as name, phone number and complete home address.

The public criticism involved a March 2006 letter to the editor. That letter offered support for OSU Airport's new AirScene System as well as concern about accuracy. OSU used a date which differed from the date submitted in the complaint to identify a problematic aircraft operation. As a result OSU's response to the resident was incorrect. Wrong date and wrong aircraft.

Because members of the community expressed concern about possible retaliation, WOOSE forwarded all relevant complaint details to OSU airport with personal identifiers removed and provided OSU with the means to respond to complainants electronically. WOOSE provided OSU Airport with adequate information to investigate and respond to complaints while protecting the privacy and security of residents

Now that OSU has belatedly announced its March 2006 decision to not investigate complaints that do not have personal identifiers, WOOSE has updated our complaint system so you can choose to forward your personal information (name, address, phone, e-mail) to OSU. If you check the box, your personal information will be forwarded to OSU and that information will be subject to disclosure under public records law.

WOOSE strongly urges area residents to continue to report troublesome aircraft operations at www.woose.org If OSU contacts you in response to a complaint, please contact WOOSE at info@woose.org to share your experience and information. By keeping WOOSE informed, you help ensure complete and accurate complaint recording.

We wish to thank the many residents who have taken time to log complaints at the WOOSE website (over 17,400 complaints to date). The information you provided has enabled us to identify problematic operations and aircraft. We believe your continued reporting will assist us in identifying specific problems which we hope will one day lead to solutions.

Kimberly Nixon-Bell
WOOSE Representative, Noise Committee

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