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Letter: OSU has simple system in place for complaints
The Worthington News (SNP), October 11, 2006


To the Editor;

OSU Airport has two methods available to interested persons making complaints or compliments regarding the operation of Don Scott Field.

Individuals who desire to use the internet can send an e-mail to noise@osuairport.org while individuals who wish to use the telephone can call (614)292-9055. Those methods assures that everyone wishing to express their opinions or report noise issues has a direct contact with the university and know that they will get a response to their concerns.

This process is easy and straightforward, no different than customer comments services provided by restaurants, department stores, automobile manufacturers, the federal government, and so on. The process allows everyone the opportunity to express their opinion or to communicate if they noticed anything unusual.

Just like pilots keep watch around their airplanes and around the airport to make sure there are no suspicious people in restricted areas, the e-mail and telephone systems allow the general public let the airport be aware of information that is important to that individual.

Unfortunately, a group called WOOSE that dislikes the OSU Airport, has been telling people not to use the complaint system that the university has in place (Kimberly Nixon-Bell, Letters, Oct. 4, Northwest Columbus News) and to, instead, use their anti-airport Web site to make and file noise complaints.

The OSU Airport has made it easy for neighbors, near and far, to contact the university with information that will help them in their operations

OSU listens to its neighbors and has gone out of its way to assure that legitimate complaints are given appropriate attention. People who want to notify OSU Airport should do so directly using the easy methods that are already in place.

Brent Sheffer, member
Columbus Flight Watch

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