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WOOSE calls OSU response incomplete
ThisWeek Worthington, October 19, 2006


To the editor:

Last summer WOOSE released a 52-page report on the implications of OSUĚs plans for the Don Scott Field area surrounding its airport. University representatives have called the report inaccurate and misleading.

After being challenged to back their criticism of the report, OSU has issued a two-page response.

While we appreciate that OSUĚs response acknowledged some of the reportĚs recommendations; overall we found the response to be incomplete and in some cases inaccurate.

Therefore, we have published a supplement to our July report containing OSUĚs response and our comments to clarify or amplify the issues originally raised. Both the original report and the supplement are available at www.WOOSE.org and again will be made available at local libraries.

While the noise issues at the airport are important, they the are not the only issues worthy of consideration. There are larger issues of land use and management shat should be of interest to all Ohio taxpayers, not just those concerned about the airport or development of the land surrounding it.

Unfortunately, OSU has chosen not to consider most of these issues. We hope the WOOSE report and its supplement will help open a dialog to discuss these important topics in the near future.

Finally, we note that OSU has yet to respond to the first WOOSE Report published in February of 2005. Although some things have changed significantly since that time, we hope the university will provide a thoughtful response to the issues it raised.

Dennis S. Hennen
President, We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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