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Letter: Airport issue received no attention at forum
The Worthington News (SNP), November 1, 2006


To the Editor:

It sounded like an excellent idea: a "Candidates Night," where local residents could see the candidates for area offices, and ask them questions of local issues. So, last
Tuesday night (Oct. 24) I attended a Candidates Night program held at Congregation Beth Tikvah.

I was surprised to find so many of my friends and neighbors--most had come to hear the candidates' positions regarding the noise, pollution, and safety issues relating to the expansion of Ohio State University's Don Scott Field. For several, it was the first time they had ever attended a Candidates Night.

We all dutifully wrote our questions on index cards so that the moderator, Holly Hollingsworth could ask the questions in a manner fair to each candidate. We even thanked the "question-card runners" for their participation in this night to help residents learn more about the candidates.

Then, after two sets of candidates had been offered questions and had given rather good responses to most of them, it struck us: none of our questions relating to the OSU airport issue had been asked.

There had been questions of little local importance, such as whether a candidate supports private farming, and what they thought about the Ohio Department of Transportation's involvement with bikepaths, but not a single question about the issue that was literally hanging over our heads here in Worthington and right there at Beth Tikvah, just two miles from the OSU airport: increasing aircraft traffic.

Somehow, in this "Candidates Night," someone had been authorized to determine what it was permitted for the voters to ask the candidates. This chance to meet the candidates and ask them the questions that are of interest locally, had been undermined and abrogated. What is going on when a "Meet the Candidates" event decides for the voters what they will be allowed to ask the candidates who will represent them? This particular Candidates Night was a shameful travesty.

John Haueisen

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