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letter: Ohio State Records
The Columbus Dispatch (on-line version only), December 1, 2006

Ohio State records

The Dispatch is not alone in their inability to get straight answers from OSU ("No records? OSU's claim rings hollow," November 26, 2006).

As president of WOOSE (We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion), I have made many public records requests of the University.

Like the Dispatch, WOOSE has been told records, which should be on file and available for review, do not exist.

Like the Dispatch, WOOSE has been provided with incomplete records omitting documents we found elsewhere.

Like the Dispatch, WOOSE after reviewing records found OSU staff and administrators made untrue statements to us and the public.

As taxpayers we expect OSU to follow the law and hold OSU accountable for the money and resources our taxes provide. We expect OSU to be truthful as well a good stewards of the resources we provide for their use and benefit. It appears OSU has established a practice of denying public access to records. We, like the Dispatch, believe it is time for OSU to abide by the state's public records law.

Dennis S. Hennen, Worthington

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