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Letter: Complaints are key piece
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007

To the Editor:

Why would some residents submit more aircraft complaints than others?

The OSU Airport staff has repeatedly identified some households as frequently complainers. What the airport staff has failed to recognize are the results of the 2004 Wyle Noise Field Measurement Study conducted by OSU which placed 11 noise monitors in neighborhoods surrounding the airport from February 17-25, 2004. That study measured noise and reported that the average daily number of noise events above 65dB for all 11 sites ranged from a low of 10 per day to a high of 45. Therefore it should not be surprising some residents submit more complaints than others.

What is surprising is OSUĚs response to this situation. Ms. Ferrari, OSU airportĚs External Manager, sent the following message to some residents:
Your complaints have been recorded in our AirScene tracking system. Please understand that we are looking for trends in residential neighborhoods where noise is perceived to be excessive. A high number of complaints from one individual will not affect the trend. As such, we will continue to record your complaints in our system, however we will limit our individual responses for repeat complainants to ten per month.

When asked at the Advisory Committee meeting what trends she was looking for she could not identify any and admitted that she is not looking for trends.

I have reviewed complaints submitted to the Worthington, WOOSE and OSU complaint systems. I found many instances in which one aircraft generated multiple complaints. By recording but not researching all complaints, OSU misses the opportunity to identify the root cause: the few operations that generate a disproportionate number of complaints. And once the research on that flight is completed, it should take less time to respond to the multiple complaints about that same operation. ItĚs interesting to note OSU has never publicly disclosed how many operations are actually involved in multiple complaints.

Dean Baeslack pledged in 2005 that OSU would aggressively address noise issues. OSU airport staff needs to fulfill his commitment as well as the policy stated on the airport website- to reply using AirScene data to all complaints submitted by all residents. OSU has stated all recorded complaints will be used by experts in the upcoming Part 150 study.

To ensure your concerns are heard and to help OSU airport get back on track, please submit your complaints to noise@osuairport.org and consider cc: noise@woose.org

When OSU agrees to limit noisy aircraft operations over my home to 10 per month, I will gladly agree to submit only 10 noise complaints per month!

Kimberly Nixon-Bell

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