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woose.org: Media - letter: Airport lags behind in response to noise issues
letter: Airport lags behind in response to noise issues
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007

To the Editor

I respond to the Worthington News article ¯OSU puts muzzle on noise complaints.¯ which contained the statement ¯a decision was made to limit responses to 10 per month per individual, as more than 80 percent of 954 complaints logged from November through February came from 10 different addresses.¯ The question is how many airport personnel does it take to respond to a noise complaint?

According to published information, it takes the Airport¯s External Relations staff of 2 full-time and 4 part-time staff some 30 minutes to research and respond to a noise complaint. In the three months ending February 28th, there were sixty working days or 480 work hours that one full-time OSU employee could have responded to the 954 complaints based upon the standard of handling 2 complaints per hour. The question is when will OSU dramatically improve the efficiency of its aircraft noise complaint system?

Finally, OSU has not questioned the validity of the 954 noise complaints. At least that is something it has in common with the community.

John O'Keeffe, president
We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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