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letter: Response to airport story
Worthington News (SNP), April 25, 2007

To the Editor:

The recent (April 18) SNP front page story regarding the OSU Airport
noise controversy, headlined "Airport officials to answer to fewer noise
complaints", tells us at least one very interesting fact: 80 percent of
the 954 complaints logged from November through February came from only
10 different addresses.

The remaining 20 percent, or some 191, came from various other addresses (with, we presume, very little duplication) and thus - for the four months covered - average out to only 1 1/2 complaints per day. I think that we have here an excellent example of a "vocal minority": some ten (obviously dedicated) residents around the airport have decided that they don't like the noise, and will complain long and loud and often until something is done about it.

I have two questions:
1. How many of these ten who submitted the multiple noise
complaints lived where they are before the airport was built?
2. WOOSE representative Nixon-Bell is quoted as saying, "I want
to be a responsible consumer of noise." Will someone please explain
to me how one "consumes noise"?

Jack Willer

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