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letter: Airport noise varies from street to street
Worthington News (SNP), May 2, 2007

To the Editor:

I would like to offer answers to the two questions posed by Jack Willer in his April 25 letter to the editor.

First, he asks how many frequent complaint-filers have lived here before the airport was built.

Personally, I have lived within three miles of the airport for 60 years. I used to wave to the pilots, and I rather enjoyed the excitement of aviation. But the current airport is far different--much larger and noisier--than those days in the past.

Additionally, I would add that I can understand it, if he is not bothered by the airport noise.

Talking with many residents, I have learned that what can be almost unbearable noise on one street, is practically unnoticeable just three or four streets away.

The airport's noise is variable about how it is distributed. If noise does not bother Mr. Willer, then I am happy for him.

But a more neighborly--even Christian thing to do--would be to respect one's neighbors and their honest concerns--not to mock them.

As to his question regarding how WOOSE representative Nixon-Bell could be a "consumer of noise," that illustrates exactly what he is missing regarding the noise complaints of his neighbors.

Ms. Nixon-Bell does not wish to be a consumer of noise. Rather, she is having that gratuitous noise, so to speak, crammed down her throat.

John Haueisen

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