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letter: 7 facts frin previous analysis of noise
ThisWeek Worthington, May 10, 2007

To the Editor:

Last week, Guy Kantak¯s letter to the editor suggested it was time to analyze complaints submitted by residents concerning OSU aircraft operations. He is correct; the collected complaint data should be researched and analyzed. Years of data and the thousands of complaints collected should be of great interest to OSU airport. Unfortunately, OSU appears uninterested.

All complaints collected by Worthington and WOOSE systems were made available to OSU for analysis. OSU airport staff suggested complaints collected by sources outside the university are suspect and not worthy of analysis. With the AirScene and WebScene systems in place and finally operational, OSU is collecting complaint data. Unfortunately it now offers little more than monthly complaint counts as analysis to the Advisory Committee and the public.

More than a year ago, WOOSE and Worthington representatives of the Noise and Advisory committees reviewed complaint data collected by the City of Worthington and WOOSE. Our analysis yielded the following:

1) Although jet operations are less than 8% of total operations at OSU airport, they produce more than half of the complaints.

2) Per operation, night operations produce 3 times more complaints than day operations.

3) Operations by Stage 2 jets at night produce 10 times more complaints per operations than other night time operations.

4) The 3,000 ft ceiling on eastbound departures keeps aircraft low and results in complaints from residents east of OSU airport.

5) The 050˚ turn heading funnels departing aircraft to the east resulting in concentrated complaints from residents in that area.

6) Aircraft departing to the west use a ¯scatter pattern¯ which spreads the noise impacts west of the airport.

7) Prop aircraft arriving and departing to the east in the wee hours of the night awaken residents east of the airport with a ¯double dose¯ of noise exposure.

These seven facts were quickly identified and we believe additional analysis would yield more.

It is unfortunate OSU airport staff has chosen to record but not research all submitted complaints. This practice ensures the airport will provide the public with monthly and yearly complaint counts but not analysis of data which would identify and could address the root sources of noise complaints.

Jane Weislogel, Vice President WOOSE

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