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woose.org: Media - letter: OSU airport noise study might be more of the same
letter: OSU airport noise study might be more of the same
The Worthington News (SNP), September 5, 2007

To the Editor:

It is good to see coverage on a topic as important as the Ohio State
University Airport and their upcoming Part 150 noise study. This study
is much needed and long overdue. Unfortunately, you only covered part
of the story.

For almost a year, WOOSE has raised concerns in the manner in which
OSU is collecting data and reporting on noise complaints. A review of
January and February 2007 complaints show an error rate of at least
30% and under-reporting in many categories such as night flights.

Since this data will be part of the 150 study, it is important it is
right. Despite the overwhelming evidence that the data is wrong, OSU
has made it clear they see no problems.

In the long run, I'm afraid the Part 150 study will be more of the
same. The University has paid lip service to listening to the
community. But they've continually reduced opportunities for public
discussion by limiting and canceling public meetings. When problems
are brought to their attention, they are dismissed, and months and
years later we end up with the same problems.

Dennis S. Hennen, Former President,
We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion (WOOSE)

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