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woose.org: Media - Letter: WOOSE: Errors in noise reports are unacceptable
Letter: WOOSE: Errors in noise reports are unacceptable
The Worthington News (SNP), September 5, 2007

To the Editor

WOOSE commends the OSU Airport for undertaking a Part 150 Noise Study. WOOSE has a documented history of supporting a Part 150 Study and has actively taken part in meetings as well as offered recommendations on the proposed study.

On four occasions WOOSE has written and distributed reports expressing concern to OSU on their collection and reporting of noise complaints. Most recently we completed a thorough review of all 592 complaints submitted to OSU for January and February to find an error rate of 27.5%-- basically more than 1 in 4 complaints contained one or more errors in research, recording or reporting. We believe this error rate is unacceptable; if left uncorrected, it will compromise the integrity, purpose and public trust of the Part 150 Study. Also, from mid-February through May 2007, 45.6% of the submitted complaints were not researched.

We ask, how can flawed and incomplete data be used to "identify trends in number, location and time of complaints, types of operations of concern, and types of aircraft"? WOOSE brought these concerns to Dean Baeslack and the Advisory Committee and offered to work with the OSU airport staff to make corrections. OSU offered the following reply, "We remain confident in the overall portrayal of our data and record-keeping which we believe is appropriate." Please note, they didn't say it was correct.

We continue to encourage residents to submit complaints about problematic aircraft operations to noise@osuairport.org and please consider cc WOOSE at noise@woose.org.

Jane Weislogel, Vice President WOOSE
Kimberly Nixon-Bell, member, We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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