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woose.org: Media - letter: 'Constant' airport critics need to reduce the noise
letter: 'Constant' airport critics need to reduce the noise
Worthington News (SNP), September 12, 2007

To the Editor:

I was stunned to read Dennis Hennen of We Oppose Ohio Sate Airport Expanion criticize the OSU Airport and suggest that they donĚt listen to the public ("OSU airport noise study might be more of the same," Sept 5).

I attend the Airport Advisory Committee meetings and find them to be very open to public input. Hennen hasnĚt been to one since Dec. 2006. He has missed the last two meetings. How hypocritical of him to say that the airport has reduced the opportunity for public input.

I was further disgusted with the letter from Kim Nixon-Bell and Jane
Weislogel, the self-appointed noise complaint analysts, (WOOSE: Errors in noise reports are unacceptable," Aug. 29).

These are the same people that wanted the Airport to have an anonymous complaint system. I wonder what they would have analyzed if the complaint system was anonymous?

Month after month, I see reports showing that 75% of the noise complaints
are being filed by 10 or fewer people.

Many of the neighborhoods near Don Scott Field support the airportĚs ongoing
efforts to listen to the community and try to reduce noise. These
neighborhoods are all closer to the airport than the above-mentioned
residents. The Airport should be applauded for agreeing to
conduct a new noise study.

My suggestion is for WOOSE to let the noise study be completed. There is
nothing to be gained by constant criticism of the airport.

Alan Harding

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