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letter: Airport growth not needed
Worthington News (SNP), May 14, 2008

Airport growth not needed

To the Editor:

Like most people paying attention to the debate on expanding the OSU Airport, I am confused and frustrated by all the acronyms and endless speeches. However, there are some very clear and understandable reasons for not spending over $27 million of taxpayers’ dollars on the airport expansion.

A corporate jet getaway is simply not needed in a county that already has three large and underused airports within 35 minutes of the OSU Airport. The airport is doing great damage to its neighbors to the east. There has been virtually no mitigation action taken to fix the current problems for over 10 years. Why should we believe they will do anything when they get what they want?

Why should we trust the data from a federal agency whose job, in large part, is to develop and grow general aviation airports like OSU?

Thousands of noise complaints and petition signers against this ill-conceived plan have, for the most part, been dismissed.

From a cost-to-benefit standpoint, this is a boondoggle; too much money and too much damage will be done to the surrounding communities in terms of quality of life and property values, whereas far too few will benefit at the expense of many.

Tony Pello

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