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letter: Noise study group has responded to questions
ThisWeek Worthington, June 12, 2008

The June 5 Worthington ThisWeek article ("Residents still upset by Part 150 'Flaws'") left the false impression that those involved with The Ohio State University Airport noise study are not responding to residents' questions and comments, and that the analysis to date has been incomplete and perhaps flawed. These impressions are regrettable because they are not correct. When the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study began last September, an advisory committee was formed. Members represent affected political jurisdictions -- including city of Worthington -- agencies, organizations that use the airport and neighborhoods. We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion (WOOSE) is also a member. The Part 150 Advisory Committee has met twice, and a technical subcommittee also met twice to review in detail the Part 150 noise modeling process, which has followed strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and industry best practices.
All sessions have been open to the public and have provided detailed responses to questions raised by members and public observers. Worthington's independent aviation consultant, David Zoll of Zoll, Kranz & Borgess, LLC, wrote city council that he was "generally satisfied that the study has been conducted properly, and that the community can have confidence in the result." In April, a public meeting was held, attracting about 80 attendees. All meeting documents, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, are being posted at www.OSUAirportPart150.com.
All comments and questions are being reviewed by the consultant team, and those related to the development of Noise Exposure Maps are being addressed comprehensively, where everyone can have the benefit of reviewing the information, in the draft Part 150 Study Noise Exposure Maps (NEM) submittal to the FAA. All public input will also be included in the appendices of the draft NEM document, which be available for public review prior to the next public meeting. This meeting will be scheduled upon FAA approval to move into Phase II of the Part 150 Study, the development of the Noise Compatibility Program. Additionally, public comments will be accepted for an additional 30 days after the public meeting, and included in the NEM document.
We appreciate the public's continued involvement and input into this process, and urge readers to check the study web site for accurate information about the Part 150 Study.
Marie Keister
Public Involvement Lead

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