The Ohio State University Airport helps U.S. Army Reserve with parachute training
press release OSU college of engineering, August 7, 2014

August 7, 2013 Matt Schutte
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The Ohio State University Airport helps U.S. Army Reserve with parachute

On June 13, after a year of planning, 60 U.S. Army Reserve 412th Civil Affair
Battalion paratroopers landed on Don Scott Field at The Ohio State University
Airport for the first time. The battalion’s next scheduled exercise at the
airport on West Case Road in Columbus will occur on August 8, from 1:30pm to

In March 2013, The Ohio State University and the U.S. Army Reserves entered into
a partnership to allow the Columbus-based 412th Civil Affairs Battalion to
conduct airborne training operations at the airport. The Army approached the
university because of a significant loss of training sites across the state due
to on-airport development. The unavailability of sites resulted in the battalion
travelling out-of-state for training exercises, creating logistical issues and
impacting effectiveness.

The training exercises begin with a C-130 aircraft, filled with reservist
paratroopers, taking off from Rickenbacker International Airport, about 20 miles
south of The Ohio State University Airport. In June, the C-130 made six passes
over Don Scott Field.

Airport and battalion officials have discussed plans to conduct the training
drills every other month. Since the operations require complete closure of the
airspace, they are planned to minimize disruption of normal airport activity.

The public is welcome to view the August 8 parachute drop from The Ohio State
University Airport Observation Tower, which is open to the public daily from 7
a.m. to 11 p.m. each day and is accessible through the terminal building.

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