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woose.org: Media - Latest airport spokesman raises even more concerns
Latest airport spokesman raises even more concerns
August 25, 2004

Letter to the Editor:

It appears Robert Haverkamp is OSU's newest airport spokesperson. As Assistant Vice President of Finance he is the third and farthest removed spokesperson yet from the actual operations at the airport.

Mr. Haverkamp's statements imply that the proposed extension of the north runway to 6,000 feet would somehow tie into the academic mission of the airport. It's hard to understand how two runways in excess of 5,500 feet in length are necessary to fulfill that mission.

Mr Haverkamp states that a corporate jet gateway is far from the University's goal and contrary to its mission. We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion agrees this should be the case. However, serving corporate jets and creating a corporate jet gateway appears to be the sole reason for the expansion.

The expanded north runway is not designed to serve OSU or its academic mission. Airport Director Doug Hammon told Worthington City Council that the north runway expansion is being designed to accommodate large jets similar to the Gulfsteam [sic] V which can seat up to 20 people and is used primarily by corporations.

Mr. Haverkamp stated "if there have been secret meetings, I certainly have not been invited." That may be, but there reports of meetings on July 9 at which the OSU president briefed members of the board of trustees concerning opposition to the airport expansion plan. The opposition, the media nor the public were notified or invited to attend. WOOSE believes that trustees who participated in that secret briefing should recuse themselves from further participation in this issue.

Tony Pello, president
We Oppose Ohio State Airport Expansion

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