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woose.org: Media - OSU officials uncooperative in release of airport papers
OSU officials uncooperative in release of airport papers
October 13, 2004

It is unfortunately that Ohio State University continues to make slow and incomplete releases of information concerning Don Scott Field expansion, despite their public claims of cooperation. For more than six months, members of We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion have made many requests for information. In nearly every case, the releases have been very slow to come.

When finally released, much of this was via paper or other inconvenient formats, despite specific requests for electronic formats that would be easier and cheaper for both us and the University. We can only assume this tactic is to delay our research efforts and the wide dissemination of the information. Some information has yet to be released.

The members of WOOSE have gone to great effort and expense to obtain, analyze and release these documents. We our announcing the availability of this information at our Web site: www.woose.org. Much of the information here is critical for the public to make an informed decision.

It is clear the University is not working in good faith in this purportedly open process. Despite the genuine efforts of a few individuals, the overall administration has a vested interest in seeing the airport expansion go through and continues their stonewalling tactics.

Dennis S. Hennen, Acting President
We Oppose Ohio State airport Expansion

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